Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Joy Through Country ~ Blankets

Just a quick blog post today.  Crazy busy with a crazier day tomorrow (there may or may not be a post tomorrow!)

Blankets ~  a wonderful thing.  I've sewn, surged, knit, and bought many blankets in my adult life.  Lost track of how many.  Know I've made a few for our boys.  There are a couple different styles, though, that speak a bit more "country" to me than the others.

First, years ago, I bought fleece in three shades.  One is red with black bears and other things on it.  A blue with darker blue bears on it.  The third is green, with darker green evergreens running down the side.  Our boys have claimed the blue and green ones and are part of their winter bedding.

The two blankets that came to mind, for this post, are the woven kind, usually with at least two colors, if not upwards of 6.  I was given a blue and white one, just before college that says "All Things Bright and Beautiful"; loved this during college as it made home feel a bit closer.  Another one has a variety of cows on it.  Yet another, I just remembered has sunflowers on in.  Think it has been packed away with a spring quilt I haven't used in awhile.

Another favorite country thing ~ blankets!


  1. Hello, I have the same blanket with a few biferences but same quote and everything. Sadly mine has fallen apart due to years of use. I was wondering if you know where these blankets are sold? Mine was gifted to me by my grandmother so it means a lot to me!


    1. I am sorry I can't help. This was a graduation present from 1989!