Monday, September 22, 2014

Joy Through Country ~ Barn Star

Not sure what it is about a Barn Star, but sure do like them.  Here is a quick history of the barn star should you be interested.  As usual when searching through your favorite engine, lots of choices came up.  A few even on "country store" type places.  Many said just about the same thing.  Here is the shortest version I found, but still similar to a lot of other posts on the subject.

Easily think of 4 around the house:
  1. a nightlight
  2. one hanging over the hearth
  3. decoration in the foyer
  4. Christmas Barn Star tree topper
There are other stars in and around the house, too.  Many may show up in other photo's as I consider country and what I am thankful for!

 Kitchen Night Light

 Usually over the hearth,
but took a better picture down!  It may
show up in other pictures during this series!

 Every time this star comes out, it has a new
home!  No telling where it will be from
one season to the next.

Our Christmas Tree Barn Star!
Thank you Debbie & Jim Morgans!

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