Friday, December 30, 2016

By the Number

Got an email last night from Pandora; the music, not the jewlery.  It was a summary of 2016 of my lsitening, to date.  Found it interesting.  Here is what they had to say:

  • Go to station - Allison Kraus and Union Station
  • Total songs lisened to - 10,857
  • Total hours listened - 639
  • Total stations listened to - 35
  • Total thumbs up - 335
  • First song thumbed up - Hello by Adele
  • Last song thumbed up - Silver Bells by Bing Crosmt and Ella Fitzgerald
  • Most active month - August
Do you losten to Pandora?  What are your favorite stations?

Moving on to the Joy for the day:
  1. finding another good color of yarn for my sky scarf
  2. time out, by myself
  3. slow morning
  4. good music
  5. Young Living Oils
  6. home made food
  7. getting third quarter printing finished

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Year End Musing!

Wow!  Gone a bit without visiting my blog.  Not the end of the world, but still something I wish I could "do" more faithfully.

Never been to good at New Years Resolutions.    Guess I did succed in somethings during 2016.  Managed to log 15 books read, with one title twice.  Started wearing a Fitbit in January; I've logged 2,689,785 steps.  I'm sure that will increase some in the remaining few days.  I will not make promises or firm goals for concrete bench marks in either area for 2017.  I just want to keep moving and reading.  I'm already compiling a list of books I'd like to read, so hopefully I'm off to a good start.  As for moving, just keeping at it and in need of new sneakers.  Got to take care of the feet!!!!

Other things I REALLY want to accomplish:
  1. a sky scarf - I've talked about it here before.  Three to five shades of daytime sky colors and knitting a row of the appropriate color for each day.  Not sure how this will pan out, but have three colors already and thing I have the pattern narrowed down to a couple different stitches.  Will write more later.
  2. trying more "new" recipes.  Nothing elaborate or fancy, just new to us.
  3. getting out more with Kevin
  4. getting out more with friends
  5. blogging more
  6. finding my crafting nitch
That seems good enough for now, no need to be overwhelming here.

To bring thankfulness up to date:
  1. time to read
  2. roaring fires
  3. good coffee
  4. boys doing well in school
  5. time off
  6. getting out and walkin
  7. apple picking
  8. Simon put star on Christmas tree
  9. seeing Christmas lights with friends
  10. matching pajamas
And with this quick post, I'm wrapping it up.  Lots left to accomplish today.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Finally Friday

yup'ers!  Thankful for Friday!  Now have boat loads of things running through my head of things to get done, fun to be had, etc.  not sure what all we be accomplished and I am ok with that!

Thankfulness, thus far today:

  • Trip to Nall's for inexpensive apples
  • Finding soy candles at Nall's
  • Pizza for lunch
  • Warm sun while outside
  • Opportunity to kick back for a bit
What's great about your Friday?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

If Facebook Status' Were Honest

How much of Facebook status' are over worked, over thought?

What if they were honest, delivered well, and not over thought?

I've been off of Facebook a few days, but for whatever reason, this started running through my head this morning.  Just transparent, honesty, with the delivery well thought out, but not over thought!  After all, someone will always be offended, but that percentage could be a whole lot lower.  Also, makes me wonder if we could get to a point, where we can truly accept our differences and find the similarities in each other.

Are you curious what my "honest" facebook status' would be?  Here are some:
  • the kitchen is a train wreck, but breakfast was worth it ~  yummy chocolate donuts with an orange glaze
  • "When You Say Nothing At All" came on Pandora; 13 yo made the comment that "When You Say Nothing At All" is appropriate because you can't sing, speaking of no one inparticular
  • how do we change the younger generation who feel so entitled to riot, pressure colleges to cancel classes, beat people up, etc. because the election went the way it did?
  • what exactly is my dog dreaming of when she's sleeping and her tail is wagging excitedly?
That's pretty much it on Facebook, if I were there and not worried about what others thought about the number of posts I had in a short time period.
Image result for thanksgiving watercolor
As for thankfulness, feels hard to find lately, but here it goes:
  • aforementioned donuts
  • fresh coffee
  • sleeping, snuggly dog
  • kids in a cheerful mood
  • Allison Kraus station on Pandora

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After

. . . any big event, can be overwhelming, be a joyous occasion, or be a day of grieving.

Today, the day after the Presidential Elections is no different.  Folks seem equally divided between being thankful and wanting to leave the USA.  This tension has been felt for many days and weeks.  My sincerest hopes and prayers are for unity of the common good.  The common good of every USA citizen, those who are here on work visa or school visa, those seeking asylum from their previous country.  The United States of America was founded with and by immigrants, from many nations.  The constitution was created out of a desire to safe guard our freedoms and to protect our citizens.  I am thankful for USA "growing up" and realizing it's narrow view of "man" was lacking, that human beings is a far better way of looking at individuals (although "we" still need some work on that).  I am thankful to live in a country where folks want to come to, to live and work.

Anyway, have been meaning to come back here, at least in the month of November, and blog things to be thankful of.  Nine days in and just getting to it.  Feels like the story of my life.  A lot of "Around to Its" going on.  Here's a random list of things, to include the last few days:

  • blue skies
  • some cooler days
  • fall colors
  • election being over
  • fall/winter meal planning
  • walks through the woods
  • hot tea
  • hot chocolate
  • fresh, homemade whipped cream
  • blankets
  • crazy, silly dog
  • sunshine
Random, fall picture from my hard drive

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thankfulness, Pure and Simple!

My brain is racing today!  And in a good way.  Just pondering so much! Thankful for so much.  Here's the run down:
  • so many folks, at our church, give so much of their time, for an average Sunday.  Then we have VBS week.  I am amazed how much the "regulars" give of their time and talent and all the other folks come out for the weeks leading up to VBS week and the actual week.
  • I was cleaning up, post dinner, and my brain wander to various pastors we've had and what they've meant to us.  Mark Green making me laugh because we're one of the few homeschooling families without a globe in the house.  Nace Lanier's sermon with Matthew 7:3; I often go back to that before I correct our children or bring something up to a friend.  TJ V. and always saying Quest kids can get squirrely or things go "sideways".  I love those polite phrases and use them often. Matt Watson's VBS plug last Sunday and mentioning Matthew 20:28; I have been more aware of serving, even in the little things, and trying to do more.
  • Thankful that my aching body held out day, as I tried to keep up getting things done
  • Thankful that my husband noticed the crockpot was off in time, that dinner was still had at a descent hour
  • Thankful for a husband taking the 16 yo shoe shopping, so I could stay home and clean
  • Thankful for power, during a warm spell, so we have A/C and running fans
  • Thankful for time to just sit and veg
  • Thankful for the fine young men our boys are turning into.
  • Thankful for a friend, who's husband is encouraging her to hang out with friends more.  We both need it more.  Look forward to whatever we plan.
  • Thankful for Sunday evenings and time to rest.
With that, dear readers, I log off, to enjoy dessert with my lovely family.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Truly! I mean it!!

I have really do have every intention of trying to blog more often.  It is such a "therapy" counting the joy, the good.  Days come and days go, things are noticed, counted, and some are remembered while some forgotten.  Suppose I need to work on this like kicking a bad habbit with remembering the good.

So far, between the last blog post and today's:
  1. finishing school up for the year
  2. first trip to the community pool
  3. school books for next year coming in
  4. visiting my folks
  5. first tomatoes coming in
  6. first batch of ice cream for the summer
  7. scout being inducted into "Order of the Arrow"
 As this is a "I'm still alive and counting post", not sure what pictures would fit here!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lavendar and Peter Rabbit today

That is what has been running through my head all day; at least that is what it feels like.  The day had it's challenges, but fortunately I'd been able to pin point some of the issues and take care of those directly and appropriately.  Sure makes that part of life easier.  Despite feeling a bit crummy, was able to keep a level head with school and our boys.  We talked through the last bits of school that need to be finished, came up with plans, and they moved on with the plan.  Felt good to get their in put and them working on it.

During the "long day" I had mixed up water and lavendar essential oil, in a spray bottle.  Lavendar is know for it's calming effects.  At a minimum, the air smelled better and spring like.  It got me thinking of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.  I was off to Pinterest to look her up.  Here's one lovely photo I found:

Isn't it lovely ~ a knitting mouse!
The good for today:
  • hitting my step count goal
  • playing around with scrap yarn
  • soup
  • popsiscles
  • getting hard chores done
  • good discussions with the boys
  • clean out the fridge dinner
  • being tired at a reasonable time for bed
And with that, I wish you good night!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Movie One Liners!

Probably the most frequent one for me is "storms coming up Annie, you better get home quick!" from Star Wars Episode 1.  It usually comes out "storms coming Annie" when the big, gray and dark gray clouds roll in, during the summer.  We had a few of those today. 

Today, it had me thinking of other one liners we say around here.  Some are:
  • "this one goes to 11" from Spinal Tap
  • "What is the ultimate number?" from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • "What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?" from Monty Python
  • "Inconcieveble" from Princess Bride
I'm sure there are more, if we were all awake and bantering with one another about remembering favorite lines.  Alas, I'm the only one up, unable to sleep, jotting down odd thoughts from the day.

The good and thankful today:
  • seeing our kids smile
  • naps (whoops, that backfired on me)
  • time to listen to audio book
 Short list today; hope your's is longer!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Yikes!!! A week!

I've had every intention of coming here every day to write.  Many days I had some great ideas, above and beyond just being thankful.  Cool ideas for photos, but didn't follow through on grabbing the camera and going.  Some days have been just flat out hard, really hard.  Days that were, "but by the Grace of God"!  Life's leveling out, feeling good, sleeping better, eating better, walking more, etc.  Amazing what all that will do for your well being.

Kevin and I spent a lot of odd times together today.  Shopping, cleaning the kitchen, walks, t.v., running errands.  Just weird life stuff.  I spent time clean up and cleaning out my desk today.  Found a lot of old photos and cards that were sent just because.  It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

Here is one that I forgot we had:

These are Charlotte's "baby pictures" we came home with
when we adopted her 5 1/2 years ago.  Her head has gone from
mostly black to a lot more brown!

One of Kevin's and my walks was through the woods and
down to the creek.  Took my shoes off and got in the
water.  Charlotte was happy to follow along.
It's times like this I'd love a 25 foot lead for her.  She'd love the water,
but is all hound and we have not done off lead training.

For the good and joy over the last few days:
  • IRL friends
  • on-line friends
  • potato seeds sprouting
  • walks
  • rug cleaner
  • two fridges (to thaw the main one)
  • good food
  • teen making brownies
  • movies
  • knitting
  • naps
  • fans circulating cool air
  • Trader Joe Chocolate Crossaints
  • Ikea Cinnamon Roles (for price, okay tasting)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No Picture Kind of Day

it is just that kind of day.  Beautiful sunshine, check; breeze, check; bees buzzing, check; smells of summer, check; vitamin D catching sort of day; just no pictures.  It was a day to push through and get the basics accomplished ~ a day when long naps or vegging outside would be wonderful.

Very thankful to have had another day, even when doing life while exhausted.  Thankful to be bringing it to a close.  Thankful for adult conversations.  Thankful for hearing others speak well of our boys.  Thankful for cold, crisp apples.

And with that, I wish you a good night!

I was reminded this morning (Wednesday should you care), that yesterday, while fixing my much needed afternoon coffee, I was truly thankful for the one filter left.  I was exhausted enough that retrieving then next bundle from the top pantry shelf, felt like a huge ordeal!  I snicker now, but it did really feel like to much work.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Busy Day & Couple Firsts

Day is almost over and taking just a quick moment to write up a post.  Kids each had an activity, with overlapping times.  Nothing like driving circles, in the same zip code, for an hour +.

For the record, we had another rainy day.  That would be one gray scarf if I had started it!

To the good and the firsts:
  • saw first hummingbird (s) today
  • oldest son attend first prom
  • enjoyed food prepped yesterday
  • started listening to a new audio book for me
Good night all!  See ya tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Back to Sunday . . .

. . . in this stretch of blogging.  Last Sunday mulled over how I might keep thing interesting here.  One was sharing my knitting.  My latest idea, which I haven't followed up on, is the Sky Scarf.  Still looking into it; will follow through, but kinda thankful I haven't started just yet.  We're in unusual raining season ~ that scarf would have a lot of gray!  :)

The knitting of the day has been plugging away at this "Three Way Wrap" I found over at Raverly.  I am actually ripping out a sweater I knit about 8 years ago and had worn once in that time.  I just didn't like it, at all.  The color and yarn are fine, just the style of sweater, for me, was all wrong.  Hoping this will be a better thing for me.  Wanted something easy to make and didn't want to spend money on it.

Here's what I have so far:
sorry about the blurry spot at the bottom
need to clean the lense well!

It is 33 inches long, so I have another 24" to go according to the directions.  Think I have enough yarn, hope so anyway.  Haven't settled on buttons yet, but have some time.

Most of today has been pretty good.  Seeing friends, going to church, baking banana bread, making meatballs, and a lot of knitting.  Run down of the joy would be:
  • catching up with a "kindered sole"
  • seeing glimmers of our kids totally happy and content
  • spending time in the kitchen
  • smells of homemade banana bread and meatballs (but not at the same time)
  • lazy dinner because my energy was spent on the above
  • playing in water while it rained
  • lots of time knitting
  • watching "This Old House" and "Ask This Old House" with our oldest, reminds me of times with my dad
  • making time to blog, today it feels good ~ not a chore
  • an audio book comes coming, through local library (get to add to the reading tab here)
What has brought you joy lately?  Time alone?  Time with friends?  Crafts?  Share your joy!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Already?!?

Friday came and went, just like that, and no post.  Had ideas of things to blog about and things to be reminded of, but the day just got away from me.

It's Saturday now.  Folks are starving (not literally, but feels like it somedays).  Had just gone to the butcher yesterday and picked a nice variety of beef and pork.  Thinking it's a chili dog type of day, but the beef we buy from the butcher was frozen.  I used one of my "kitchen hacks" to quicken up the thawing.  As soon as it was thawed enough to cut, I'd slice off sections (large or small, didn't matter). 
Larger chunks of meat

Once everything was cut down, I diced up the bigger pieces to smaller ones.
Smaller cuts

By doing so, there is more surface area to brown and thaw at the same time.  We didn't need to wait a couple hours for the meat to thaw, make the chili, and then have lunch.  Good thing, as I was starting about 11:00 AM and we were already HUNGRY.  By cutting down the frozen ground beef, I was able to brown the meat and onions, drain, at tomatoes and seasonings, and have chili simmering in about 20 minutes.  I like that kind of turn around.  And the chili, cheese hot dogs were good! 

It's been another dreary day here, so no visiting a happy place of out doors!  Oh well!  We did get chores done, shopping accomplished and had some down time.  Not such a bad thing, really.

The joy for the day would boil down to this:
  • quickly made chili
  • good lunch
  • grilled dinner (even in the rain)
  • good snacks
  • vegging
  • ice cream with caramel sauce
Hope you had a lovely Saturday.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

199th post, but who's counting?

other things, in my life, by the number:
  • 657 days this blog has been up and running
  • 5,133 page views on "Joy Discovered"
  • 35 published comments to "Joy Discovered"
  • 10 countries viewed this blog
  • 10 houses I've lived in (not including college dorms)
  • 19 + a few months of mairrage
  • 2 kids
  • 8th car in almost 30 years
  • 1 living pet (Charlotte is our 4th though)
  • 14 years, this July, in current house
  • 108 years, combined tally of our folks mairrage (57 & 51)
  • 15 years 7 months out of the "work force"
  • 3 states lived in
  • 1 country, beyond USA, lived in
Sure, there is more I could count, by the number, but this seems like enough for now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Boredom & Boredom Busters

There are days when I find odd things near each other and it leads me to crafting; crafting out boredom.  Then end result is sometimes amusing and a good thing, other times it's a dud, but not a waste of time.

Within the last week to 10 days or so, found myself at my desk, finished with whatever I was working on.  There were all the right items for a quick craft.  In view were scissors, burlap ribbon, a glue stick, and a mason jar (begging to be crafted).  Took the rim off the jar, cut a piece of burlap ribbon the correct size, put glue stick all over the lid, placed the ribbon & smoothed it out.
 Once the "ribbon" was dried a bit, which didn't take long, I put the rim back on, and this is what it looked like.  I was pleased with the quick boredom buster.  Still makes me snicker seeing it, knowing how quick and easy it was.

Thankfulness for the day:
  • remembering the stash of good chocolate
  • boredom busters
  • meeting friends for lunch
  • getting things accomplished around the house
Hope you've had a great day!  Off to do something else myself.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Opposite Day

2:00 PM brings:

That is what today can be summed up as.  Whatever yesterday was, today is the opposite; in almost every measure, except the actual digits for the temperature (it's gone down, unfortunately).  We're back to having rain, personalities are clashing, things are forgotten, difficult to muster through the tasks of the day, and on and on it goes.

Goodness, thankfulness, joy filled moments ~ I need to pause and reflect.  It's been that sort of day.  How to keep count of the good when life is feeling hard?  Start small I suppose!  Plenty of coffee and ice for my favorite caffienated beverage.  Dry spots to get out of the rain, that would be two.  Warm, fuzzy socks beckoning to the cold feet.

Not sure if this is getting easier, but it's a start.  And this particular post may end up being written in multiple sittings.  It's that kind of day.  My attention being pulled in multiple directions.  Kids needing something, dog needing to be walked, dishwasher needing unloading, computer work needing to be done.  You get the idea.  For now, I save what's written to move onto the events of the day.  More to write later.

11:08 PM day gone sideways
Yup, it went sideways!  The whole day ~ sideways.

Rainy days need colorful umbrellas!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Places

What's your happy place?  Where do you go to unwind? To recharge?

Is it a library or book store or a run?  Maybe some place loud because you're an extrovert and need that to recharge!

Life has been wet, to say the least, around my parts of the world.  Heard some folks compare our area to Seattle, Washington because we'd had rain everyday for over two weeks.  Thankful for the rain, as we didn't have to water the new grass, but it does get old after awhile.  Yesterday and today have been gloriously sunny, mild temps, and cool breezes.  This led to finally planting a garden.  For me, that is a happy place.  Sun, breeze, dirt, plants, digging, things to add to the soil so the plants get "good" fertilizer (I added bananas for the potassium, egg shells for the calcium, and Epsom Salt for the magnesium, plus some sand to help loosen up the clay).  It felt wonderful to play in the dirt!

 Two tomato plants and a grape tomate plant!

 Planted beens this year!  A new thing for us to try.
I'll put some twine around the poles and weave the plants through
as they grow.

Three baskets with potato seeds in them.  Found
the idea on Pinterest.  The little plants, to the right of
the laundry baskets, are basil.  Second round unfortunately;
weather has been so unpredictable, we've lost a few things already.

And back to counting the joy:
  • warm, dry weather (with a breeze even)
  • planting our garden
  • final weeks of the school year
  • coffee
  • getting a computer back

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Been thinking . . .

a lot about this blog the last few weeks.  Haven't made the time to come over to post, but have been pondering and thinking.  The intentional counting of joy was the intent of keeping the blog up and going.  I have managed to let life get in the way and not count the joy; not even jotting things down to  log a bunch at one time.  Things need to change!  My intentions need to change.  My focus needs to change.

How will things change?  Here are a few ideas I have been mulling over:

  • Knitting ~ have been thinking of making a scarf based off of one years worth of weather.  Here is what I am musing:  5 to 7 colors that the sky might be at noon (sorry, no sunrise or sunsets), this would allow for a few shades of blue, gray, and white.  I'd note in my planner, after coming up with a code, of the color for the given day.  Then, on a predetermined day of the week, knit those seven days of color.  Think I know the yarn I want to use, but need to check availability of colors.  I will play around with size of yarn, pattern, and number of rows per day.  (Raverly has a "paatern" and videos already if you are curious!)
  • Another area I want to pick back up is reading.  Think I read 5 or 6 books in January and then quit.  Not sure how I'd blog about that, but a good book should bring you to a happy place.
  • Photography ~ either my own or a friends.  Know several folks who take some amazing pictures.
  • Articles, videos, music, etc. that leave you feeling good or stretching your mind and heart.
  • Possibly sharing of dreams (not literal night time dreams), the things hoped for, worked for.
That's about it for now!  Hope to hear from you.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Crazy, Random, Rapid Fire!

That is what it has felt like for blog posts the last few days.  Coming quicker than I can jot a note or take a photo.  Before I know it the day is done, lights out, sleep overcomes, and a new day is fast approaching.

I have been mulling over expanding on this blog.  Not just the joy in life, but occasional other posts such as:  books read (at the end of the month), Simple Woman's Day book (I think that is what is called, need to look it up, but internet is slow today), possible just photo days with minimal words explaining it, and a few other ideas I am not ready to share.

Questions for those of you who read this:
  1. is to much of the same thing bad - meaning just posting joy stuff?
  2. would you want to read more variety of stuff or at least in a different format?
  3. how often on blog posts?
Would love to read comments on these ideas!  Preferably here, but Facebook is fine too!  Why here?  I occasionally go back to see what folks thought and it's nice to see others input.

Here are some random things that have brought joy.  One day, I will learn to note them down, but for now these will do:
  1. aches and pains subsiding
  2. ladies bible studies starting again
  3. fitbit challenges to keep the step count up
  4. promises of Spring
  5. kids maturing
  6. fresh coffee
  7. getting back to a regular routine
  8. time for coloring
  9. time to read
  10. seeing kids smile
  11.  sunshine
  12. daffodils peaking out of the ground, way to early
 Warm weather to dry out a tent after Klondike Camping

Beautiful Sunset!
Yes, the woods are covered with snow.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Almost the end

of January!  Today, the 30th, and 31st.  Did you make any New Years Resolutions?  Have you broken any of them?

I've never been keen on making a long list of desires to accomplish.  This year, I kind of mentally decided to pick a new thing the first of every month to work on.  Would continue the ones from the previous month as well.  January, I've bitten the reading bug.  Five books since the first.  I started another and it was an utter chore to read.  As I've been getting a lot of recommendations, I scrapped number 5 and moved to 6.  Here is what I've read so far:
  1. Wonder
  2. Book Thief
  3. The Giver
  4. The Snow Child
  5. Walking by Thoreau (book I scrapped)
  6. Counting by 7s
So far I have enjoyed all but Walking so far.  Counting by 7s took a bit to get into but it did grip me about 2/3 of the way.  Probably read that far "waiting" for the "I want to see how this ends" feeling.  Still need to pick a new book, but may wait a day to catch up on other things.

As for February, I am not sure what I want to make a habit of.  It might just be a tweaking of my desire to get fit.  Bought a Fitbit a few days ago.  That has been surprisingly motivating.  Need to add strengthening to the walking and water aspect though.  Snow removal has a way of introducing muscles that haven't been used in awhile.  Will see how that goes.  But have also been mulling over more drawing, coloring, crafting and the like.  I am surprised at how much I've missed it the last few years. It had taken a back seat to life and I am enjoying the process of finding things to do, to create, and even designing things.

Guess another resolution would be to come back here, more often, to note the "Joy in the Ordinary".  Had seen something with those words on it, in December, and it stuck wit me.  Most days, I am looking for the little things and finding the joy in it.  Since the our last birthday celebration, here are some of the things that have brought joy:
This is what the sky has been like, on occasion.  Beautiful!!

  • sunlight reflecting off of fresh snow
  • neighbors, who pitch in to get a job done
  • hot tea
  • time to wander Micheal's
  • friends
  • reading
  • not loosing electricity
  • fitbit
  • easy meals to prepare
  • time to put feet up

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Teen and Being Content

Our second born turned 13 today.  Both kids are now teenagers.  Introductions into an all teen house, has been mostly peaceful and easy; at least so far.  By no stretch of the imagination, do I expect this to last, but am enjoying the newness while it lasts. 

During cake and ice cream, this evening, I was reminded of a conversation with my mom, almost 13 years ago.  She'd asked something about how life was going with two kids.  We were in the middle of dinner.  Simon, Kevin, and I were at the table, while Ian was sleeping in the port-a-crib we moved into the dining room.  Everything felt right, it was where we were suppose to be, our family was complete.  The flash back to that moment, felt real again and very similar to that moment in time.  Everything was as it should be.  The good, the bad, the easy, the hard; it all was part of our lives.

Anyway, backing up to other parts of the day, we managed to pull off an outdoor party, in freezing weather.  I'm not normally one to have parties, in the middle of the week.  Our boys are in 10th and 7th and we need that time for school.  Weather forecast are predicting a lot of snow this coming weekend and I just didn't want to have to rearrange a party last minute.  So we plugged forward.  Ian and four of his friends hung out, played on an empty play ground, played in the woods, and played football.  The mom's froze and we moved to the vans.  They all had fun and we'll all eventually thaw out!  Thank goodness for wood stoves, firewood, and warm clothing afterward.

Our 13 yo seemed to enjoy his day.  The thank yous were flowing, without being reminded of.  He loved everything about the day and tolerated having to get school accomplished.

 favorite candy bar

 Had been begging for a small jar
of peanut butter for awhile.  At approximately
$2.50, we couldn't resist.

Another long asked for gift - Rubik 4 x 4!

Very contented new teen.  With his day wrapping up, the joy in the ordinary feels easy:
  • easy to shop for new teen
  • hot, Earl Gray tea (thanks friend)
  • kids playing in the way cold
  • friends willing to let their kids play in the way cold
  • hanging out with mom's of only 2 kids (maybe that story will crop up on another day)
  • teen happy with a white cake and chocolate orange frosting - nothing special about the cake this year
  • home made, cookies and cream, ice cream - oh so tasty - almost better than CFA cookies and cream shake
  • games around the tame
  • another teen working hard to catch up on school work
  • being content with what we have

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Stumbling Sort of Day!

Yes, stumbling!

        a definition of stumbling ~ to almost fall, to trip, to loose balance for a moment

That has been me finding the joy in the ordinary today!  So many things, probably more than I can recount today; probably more that I forgot than remembered because I haven't been noting them today.  Maybe I should do that, but probably won't.  (glimpse of a life with an easily distracted brain).

Big picture today starts with a lack of sleep.  My day actually started with a late night because we celebrated a birthday today.  There are things I like to do for our kids before they wake on their birth day.  Streamers put up, poster board decorated, few other things put out.  Man cub prayed for.

As for the day and the counting, it goes like things:
  • another year celebrated with our oldest, now 16
  • having enough, various forms of chocolate, in house to make ice cream, cake, and frosting
  • a good attitude from children (mostly, with only minor correcting) pretty much all day
  • easy to fix dinner
  • realizing how much food we have in the freezer and pantry (just need to meal plan off of that)
  • keeping the house warm without much electricity
  • a child bathing our dog for me
  • cake and ice cream before dinner
  • commiserating, with a friend, over raising boys
  • body holding out, as a lot of time spent standing and washing dishes
  • watching the smiles on 16 yo as he opened gifts and mail today
  • husband coming home early to celebrate life as a family
 Yes, more York Peppermint Patties!

 What's left of his cake and ice cream.
Also visible is a Celtic Thunder CD; one of his favorite groups.

It's been awhile since I took photos regularly.  Took a number of them this afternoon, but most turned out blurry.  Need to keep on taking them and learn the settings on my camera better!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back to Reality

Yes, reality!  First week back to school, after break, and today was the first co-op for us.  It was a shock to our systems, getting moving, getting organized, and realizing all the "shoulda's" that didn't get done in a timely fashion.  There is still a lot of "joy in the ordinary" though.  Here's what it looked like for me:
  • thankful for a smart phone to get a bit of "work" done while waiting on co-op to start
  • another teacher organizing lessons for the first few weeks back
  • coffee and creamer a the mom's part
  • shuffling dinners around because the crock pot wasn't started at the right time
  • naps for the weary family
  • picking up a devotional book early
In the past, I've often ended (or began) with a picture I've taken (most of the time).  As I haven't been taking as many photos lately here's one I found on the internet:

Choose this for a few reasons: 1) coffee is a life saver today, 2) read the book "Owl Moon" earlier today, 3) friend had posted a video of a snow owl flying into and around a national tv outdoor camera, & 4) I just like owls.

Happy Thursday y'all!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year Ponderings

It's taken me six days of pondering to figure out how to start blogging in Two Thousand Sixteen.  Still so much to find joy in, to be thankful for.

Never have stopping being either thankful or joyful, it just never made it to virtual paper.  Might have to be more aware of that.  Don't want to forget those moments.  Want to be able to stock pile them, so to speak.  Be reminded of them.  I'll consider doing a few back dated posts to round out 2015, but for now, here is to the beginning of 2016 and "Joy in the Ordinary".

Yes, the ordinary, plan, vanilla!  Those moments that can truly slip through your fingers if you aren't paying attention.
  • wood stove cranking out heat
  • Pandora - the music, not the jewelry
  • nothing on the calendar today
  • coffee
  • data entry