Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Movie One Liners!

Probably the most frequent one for me is "storms coming up Annie, you better get home quick!" from Star Wars Episode 1.  It usually comes out "storms coming Annie" when the big, gray and dark gray clouds roll in, during the summer.  We had a few of those today. 

Today, it had me thinking of other one liners we say around here.  Some are:
  • "this one goes to 11" from Spinal Tap
  • "What is the ultimate number?" from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • "What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?" from Monty Python
  • "Inconcieveble" from Princess Bride
I'm sure there are more, if we were all awake and bantering with one another about remembering favorite lines.  Alas, I'm the only one up, unable to sleep, jotting down odd thoughts from the day.

The good and thankful today:
  • seeing our kids smile
  • naps (whoops, that backfired on me)
  • time to listen to audio book
 Short list today; hope your's is longer!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Yikes!!! A week!

I've had every intention of coming here every day to write.  Many days I had some great ideas, above and beyond just being thankful.  Cool ideas for photos, but didn't follow through on grabbing the camera and going.  Some days have been just flat out hard, really hard.  Days that were, "but by the Grace of God"!  Life's leveling out, feeling good, sleeping better, eating better, walking more, etc.  Amazing what all that will do for your well being.

Kevin and I spent a lot of odd times together today.  Shopping, cleaning the kitchen, walks, t.v., running errands.  Just weird life stuff.  I spent time clean up and cleaning out my desk today.  Found a lot of old photos and cards that were sent just because.  It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

Here is one that I forgot we had:

These are Charlotte's "baby pictures" we came home with
when we adopted her 5 1/2 years ago.  Her head has gone from
mostly black to a lot more brown!

One of Kevin's and my walks was through the woods and
down to the creek.  Took my shoes off and got in the
water.  Charlotte was happy to follow along.
It's times like this I'd love a 25 foot lead for her.  She'd love the water,
but is all hound and we have not done off lead training.

For the good and joy over the last few days:
  • IRL friends
  • on-line friends
  • potato seeds sprouting
  • walks
  • rug cleaner
  • two fridges (to thaw the main one)
  • good food
  • teen making brownies
  • movies
  • knitting
  • naps
  • fans circulating cool air
  • Trader Joe Chocolate Crossaints
  • Ikea Cinnamon Roles (for price, okay tasting)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No Picture Kind of Day

it is just that kind of day.  Beautiful sunshine, check; breeze, check; bees buzzing, check; smells of summer, check; vitamin D catching sort of day; just no pictures.  It was a day to push through and get the basics accomplished ~ a day when long naps or vegging outside would be wonderful.

Very thankful to have had another day, even when doing life while exhausted.  Thankful to be bringing it to a close.  Thankful for adult conversations.  Thankful for hearing others speak well of our boys.  Thankful for cold, crisp apples.

And with that, I wish you a good night!

I was reminded this morning (Wednesday should you care), that yesterday, while fixing my much needed afternoon coffee, I was truly thankful for the one filter left.  I was exhausted enough that retrieving then next bundle from the top pantry shelf, felt like a huge ordeal!  I snicker now, but it did really feel like to much work.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Busy Day & Couple Firsts

Day is almost over and taking just a quick moment to write up a post.  Kids each had an activity, with overlapping times.  Nothing like driving circles, in the same zip code, for an hour +.

For the record, we had another rainy day.  That would be one gray scarf if I had started it!

To the good and the firsts:
  • saw first hummingbird (s) today
  • oldest son attend first prom
  • enjoyed food prepped yesterday
  • started listening to a new audio book for me
Good night all!  See ya tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Back to Sunday . . .

. . . in this stretch of blogging.  Last Sunday mulled over how I might keep thing interesting here.  One was sharing my knitting.  My latest idea, which I haven't followed up on, is the Sky Scarf.  Still looking into it; will follow through, but kinda thankful I haven't started just yet.  We're in unusual raining season ~ that scarf would have a lot of gray!  :)

The knitting of the day has been plugging away at this "Three Way Wrap" I found over at Raverly.  I am actually ripping out a sweater I knit about 8 years ago and had worn once in that time.  I just didn't like it, at all.  The color and yarn are fine, just the style of sweater, for me, was all wrong.  Hoping this will be a better thing for me.  Wanted something easy to make and didn't want to spend money on it.

Here's what I have so far:
sorry about the blurry spot at the bottom
need to clean the lense well!

It is 33 inches long, so I have another 24" to go according to the directions.  Think I have enough yarn, hope so anyway.  Haven't settled on buttons yet, but have some time.

Most of today has been pretty good.  Seeing friends, going to church, baking banana bread, making meatballs, and a lot of knitting.  Run down of the joy would be:
  • catching up with a "kindered sole"
  • seeing glimmers of our kids totally happy and content
  • spending time in the kitchen
  • smells of homemade banana bread and meatballs (but not at the same time)
  • lazy dinner because my energy was spent on the above
  • playing in water while it rained
  • lots of time knitting
  • watching "This Old House" and "Ask This Old House" with our oldest, reminds me of times with my dad
  • making time to blog, today it feels good ~ not a chore
  • an audio book comes coming, through local library (get to add to the reading tab here)
What has brought you joy lately?  Time alone?  Time with friends?  Crafts?  Share your joy!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Already?!?

Friday came and went, just like that, and no post.  Had ideas of things to blog about and things to be reminded of, but the day just got away from me.

It's Saturday now.  Folks are starving (not literally, but feels like it somedays).  Had just gone to the butcher yesterday and picked a nice variety of beef and pork.  Thinking it's a chili dog type of day, but the beef we buy from the butcher was frozen.  I used one of my "kitchen hacks" to quicken up the thawing.  As soon as it was thawed enough to cut, I'd slice off sections (large or small, didn't matter). 
Larger chunks of meat

Once everything was cut down, I diced up the bigger pieces to smaller ones.
Smaller cuts

By doing so, there is more surface area to brown and thaw at the same time.  We didn't need to wait a couple hours for the meat to thaw, make the chili, and then have lunch.  Good thing, as I was starting about 11:00 AM and we were already HUNGRY.  By cutting down the frozen ground beef, I was able to brown the meat and onions, drain, at tomatoes and seasonings, and have chili simmering in about 20 minutes.  I like that kind of turn around.  And the chili, cheese hot dogs were good! 

It's been another dreary day here, so no visiting a happy place of out doors!  Oh well!  We did get chores done, shopping accomplished and had some down time.  Not such a bad thing, really.

The joy for the day would boil down to this:
  • quickly made chili
  • good lunch
  • grilled dinner (even in the rain)
  • good snacks
  • vegging
  • ice cream with caramel sauce
Hope you had a lovely Saturday.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

199th post, but who's counting?

other things, in my life, by the number:
  • 657 days this blog has been up and running
  • 5,133 page views on "Joy Discovered"
  • 35 published comments to "Joy Discovered"
  • 10 countries viewed this blog
  • 10 houses I've lived in (not including college dorms)
  • 19 + a few months of mairrage
  • 2 kids
  • 8th car in almost 30 years
  • 1 living pet (Charlotte is our 4th though)
  • 14 years, this July, in current house
  • 108 years, combined tally of our folks mairrage (57 & 51)
  • 15 years 7 months out of the "work force"
  • 3 states lived in
  • 1 country, beyond USA, lived in
Sure, there is more I could count, by the number, but this seems like enough for now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Boredom & Boredom Busters

There are days when I find odd things near each other and it leads me to crafting; crafting out boredom.  Then end result is sometimes amusing and a good thing, other times it's a dud, but not a waste of time.

Within the last week to 10 days or so, found myself at my desk, finished with whatever I was working on.  There were all the right items for a quick craft.  In view were scissors, burlap ribbon, a glue stick, and a mason jar (begging to be crafted).  Took the rim off the jar, cut a piece of burlap ribbon the correct size, put glue stick all over the lid, placed the ribbon & smoothed it out.
 Once the "ribbon" was dried a bit, which didn't take long, I put the rim back on, and this is what it looked like.  I was pleased with the quick boredom buster.  Still makes me snicker seeing it, knowing how quick and easy it was.

Thankfulness for the day:
  • remembering the stash of good chocolate
  • boredom busters
  • meeting friends for lunch
  • getting things accomplished around the house
Hope you've had a great day!  Off to do something else myself.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Opposite Day

2:00 PM brings:

That is what today can be summed up as.  Whatever yesterday was, today is the opposite; in almost every measure, except the actual digits for the temperature (it's gone down, unfortunately).  We're back to having rain, personalities are clashing, things are forgotten, difficult to muster through the tasks of the day, and on and on it goes.

Goodness, thankfulness, joy filled moments ~ I need to pause and reflect.  It's been that sort of day.  How to keep count of the good when life is feeling hard?  Start small I suppose!  Plenty of coffee and ice for my favorite caffienated beverage.  Dry spots to get out of the rain, that would be two.  Warm, fuzzy socks beckoning to the cold feet.

Not sure if this is getting easier, but it's a start.  And this particular post may end up being written in multiple sittings.  It's that kind of day.  My attention being pulled in multiple directions.  Kids needing something, dog needing to be walked, dishwasher needing unloading, computer work needing to be done.  You get the idea.  For now, I save what's written to move onto the events of the day.  More to write later.

11:08 PM day gone sideways
Yup, it went sideways!  The whole day ~ sideways.

Rainy days need colorful umbrellas!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Places

What's your happy place?  Where do you go to unwind? To recharge?

Is it a library or book store or a run?  Maybe some place loud because you're an extrovert and need that to recharge!

Life has been wet, to say the least, around my parts of the world.  Heard some folks compare our area to Seattle, Washington because we'd had rain everyday for over two weeks.  Thankful for the rain, as we didn't have to water the new grass, but it does get old after awhile.  Yesterday and today have been gloriously sunny, mild temps, and cool breezes.  This led to finally planting a garden.  For me, that is a happy place.  Sun, breeze, dirt, plants, digging, things to add to the soil so the plants get "good" fertilizer (I added bananas for the potassium, egg shells for the calcium, and Epsom Salt for the magnesium, plus some sand to help loosen up the clay).  It felt wonderful to play in the dirt!

 Two tomato plants and a grape tomate plant!

 Planted beens this year!  A new thing for us to try.
I'll put some twine around the poles and weave the plants through
as they grow.

Three baskets with potato seeds in them.  Found
the idea on Pinterest.  The little plants, to the right of
the laundry baskets, are basil.  Second round unfortunately;
weather has been so unpredictable, we've lost a few things already.

And back to counting the joy:
  • warm, dry weather (with a breeze even)
  • planting our garden
  • final weeks of the school year
  • coffee
  • getting a computer back

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Been thinking . . .

a lot about this blog the last few weeks.  Haven't made the time to come over to post, but have been pondering and thinking.  The intentional counting of joy was the intent of keeping the blog up and going.  I have managed to let life get in the way and not count the joy; not even jotting things down to  log a bunch at one time.  Things need to change!  My intentions need to change.  My focus needs to change.

How will things change?  Here are a few ideas I have been mulling over:

  • Knitting ~ have been thinking of making a scarf based off of one years worth of weather.  Here is what I am musing:  5 to 7 colors that the sky might be at noon (sorry, no sunrise or sunsets), this would allow for a few shades of blue, gray, and white.  I'd note in my planner, after coming up with a code, of the color for the given day.  Then, on a predetermined day of the week, knit those seven days of color.  Think I know the yarn I want to use, but need to check availability of colors.  I will play around with size of yarn, pattern, and number of rows per day.  (Raverly has a "paatern" and videos already if you are curious!)
  • Another area I want to pick back up is reading.  Think I read 5 or 6 books in January and then quit.  Not sure how I'd blog about that, but a good book should bring you to a happy place.
  • Photography ~ either my own or a friends.  Know several folks who take some amazing pictures.
  • Articles, videos, music, etc. that leave you feeling good or stretching your mind and heart.
  • Possibly sharing of dreams (not literal night time dreams), the things hoped for, worked for.
That's about it for now!  Hope to hear from you.