Monday, September 15, 2014

Joy Through Color ~ Blue

Many things come through my brain when thinking of blue!  Both good and sad!  Have friends "blue" over loss loved ones, have content moments over the word blue.  I think of the song, by Leanne Rimes song "Blue".  Not sure if it was her debut song, but still one of my favorites from her.

Jumping right in:
  • clear ocean or lake or river so it reflects the sky
  • the sky
  • on one side, mostly blue with green and white plaid wool blanket my grandmother gave me (hey friend, you know who you are, the other side is mostly yellow with green and white plaid)
  • blueberries
  • I snicker a bit, but the blue in your lips when you've been playing hard in the snow.  hhmm ~ warm/hot chocolate to get the lips back to pink.
  • our plates ~ oddly enough ~ are a blue plaid.  Can't seem to find replacements for them, which is disappointing.
Blue is turning out to be a touch harder than I would have guessed.  May come back and add more later.  Six items will have to be good enough today!

 Remembering a few things around the house now, like:
  • blue Ball Jars with candle holder (I bought one part and a friend bought another for my birthday)
  • cobalt blue salt and pepper shakers
  • cover of my most used bible
  • blue tailed salamanders ~ we've been seeing a lot of those this summer
  • blue raspberry slurpees


  1. Blue on our calendar means Thing 1 has things to do!

    1. and his schedule seems to be equally busy as everyone else! :)