Friday, October 24, 2014

If You Give a Moose . . .

a Muffin.  It's that kind of day.  Yes it is!

     bunny trail first ~ here's a video of the book, in case you don't remember!

My distractions began with making home made salad dressing.  Got it made, put in fridge for later; found a spot, in the cabinets for the new Pyrex; got spices put away and cold stuff (mayo and sour cream, if you care); and went to put old mayo canister in recycle bin.  Managed to spill some of the contents all over the counter and floor, so of course I had to clean it, which lead to cleaning more of the floor, which lead to cleaning the lower cabinets.  At least it was cleaning right?

Anyway, still a good day with cleaning, schooling, errands, rehearsals, packing, taxi services, and all those other Mom Duties!  I am definitely seeing more joy in each day!

The list would go as such today:

  • bunny trails
  • memories of fun books
  • being able to provide fun things for the boys
  • last of the summer flowers
  • leaf storms
  • guys having a good weekend ahead of them

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