Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Joy in the small things post!

Today would be one of those days, I just don't want to focus on Joy and Thanksgiving!  Let me call it quits.  60 posts, almost 400 items (between two tabs) is good enough, right?  Just a bah humbug type of mood!

The thing is, the more you dwell on anything, good or bad, it becomes a habit, a way of thinking.  Dwell on the negative to long and it almost becomes a pit to hard to get out of.

Given that, came over here, to scrap out a few joyful things, things to be thankful for.  Not a whole lot to write about at first, really thought it would be just one, but here's my list:
  • ladies, on a homeschooling board, sharing good wisdom.  Not bothered by the load of questions asked or how to handle something.  They are not showing signs of feeling drained by my questions of help.
  • phone call from a local friend to check in on how I am doing
  • SNAIL MAIL ~  wow, that alone speaks volumes.  Someone took time to go buy a card AND write a message in it AND look up my address AND sign it.  It is a dying art and I am truly thankful when someone does that for me.  It's not over looked.
  • seeing the numbers go down on the scale ~ thing it's about 43 pounds on the scale.  For once I do not weigh significantly more than my husband.  I am sure I will loose more as I recoup from surgery
  • learning to plan ahead, both in events and meals ~ it saves time and frustration later
  • great exchange of homeschooling ideas on Face Book
  • kid seeing his savings account grow by choosing not spend, but save instead

There, 7 things without to much effort!  What can you come up with to be thankful for!  Would you share, in the comments?  A link to your own blog post, a picture, a phrase.  Let's share in the good things in life!

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