Saturday, September 20, 2014

Joy Through Friendship

Friendship!  What joy and sadness all mixed together!  There have been moments when there feels like no one is around and no one cares.  It is in those times that, usually, one is so focused on oneself they do not notice that their friends are still there, but he/she can not see them through the struggle.  The struggle may seem so huge that friends are not brought in, made know of the trouble.

I have been learning many lessons about friends and friendships over the years.  Even with the best of friends, the relationship takes effort, from both people.  It takes time to meet, to get to know, to develop trust, to stay connected, to share in each others happieness and sorrow, to pray with and for one another.  Another thing I have learned is that sometimes, time and distance are not a factor.  Some friends are just kindered souls that pick up where they left off like nothing has happened.  The joys ans struggles are shared quickly and felt deeply, for better or for worse. 

Today, I am really thankful, for all my friends!  I am even thankful for the ones that I have gotten to know better as a result of facebook.

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