Saturday, September 13, 2014

Joy Through Color ~ Brown

Another day, another color.  Figured I should get brown out of the way as it feels difficult to come up with joyful things in a shade of brown.  If I had a stopwatch handy, maybe I'd time myself, to see how quick I could get to ten.  Nothing to close for that, so I'll just jump in:
  • baskets
  • oak furniture
  • pine knick knacks shelves
  • chocolate
  • wheat bread
  • pie crust
  • coffee
  • tea
  • hardwood flooring
  • pair of good khaki's
  • pair of good, leather shoes
Just like that, there is eleven, one above my goal for shades of brown.  Here's a cake from Simon's 13th birthday.  Chocolate overload, big time.

Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, M&Ms, Twix,
Snickers, and not sure what else!
An appropriate picture!  13th birthday cake, for a 13 yo,
on the 13th in 2013.  Today's date is the 13th!!

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