Saturday, August 8, 2015

Finding Time vs. Making Time

Do you see the struggle already?  The conflict of finding time in what we consider important versus making time for what truly IS important.  So many things that need to get done, should get done, want to get done, and the things we ought to get done.

As we've lived through the a portion of the summer already, I've missed countless opportunities to joint down the good, the moments of gratitude, those markers that serve as reminders of where we have been and accomplished.  Glimpses that are now a memory that may be remembered or may be forgotten.  In this, I'm often reminded to come back here to write, to make notes, to remember, to be thankful.  Most of the good this summer surrounded a few of our military friends moving back to the area.  So enjoyable to sit with friends, one on one, and catch up.  Pleasant surprises at church, as I connect with one friend and see a friend who's back in the area.  It felt like days of catching up . . . squirrel . . . as another friend walked in.

My making time:

  • to connect with my husband
  • to connect with those who are important - even a quick hello, hug, face book note, whatever
  • to lesson plan ahead so I'm not rushed
  • to connect with our kids, one on one
My finding time:
  • to go through various things and purge
  • to attend to things around the house
  • to decorate more simplistically
  • to find easy and good recipes
The take on all of my pondering is that there are things you just need to make time for; faith, family, and friends.  Just about everything else is a "find the time".