Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joy Through the Seasons ~ Fall

Fall, when used as a noun, refers to the period of time from September 21 through December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere or March through June in the Southern Hemisphere.

What I like best about the season of fall:
  • changing colors of the leaves
  • cooler temperatures
  • wearing an extra layer
  • bringing out the blankets
  • all the lovely sounding coffees, teas, and other beverages I don't drink, but sound really good!
  • "Sunday Meals" take on a more hearty flavor
  • more soup and stews
  • candles (yup, another plug for Autumn Hill Candle
  • "Mr. Pumpkin Head" ~ our front porch friend during the fall season
  • trip to Cox Farm

Feeling a touch nostalgic, fall of 2004.

Neighbor's beautiful Japanese Maple.

Birds feeding and another maple I think!

 Cool Subway Art


  1. I love fall too! It is my favorite season by far....the only thing I would add is the start to football season :)

  2. lol! I really don't care much for football! It is more of a social event to catch up with friends and eat food (that I can't have anymore!)!!