Thursday, September 18, 2014

Joy Through Color ~ One last "color" ~ Multi

There are quite a number of things in and around the house, come through my life and house for a time, that do not fit quite into one of the eight colors, they are multi colored.  People, pictures, presents, food, and so on.  Such a multi colored rainbow of an item, it needs it's own category.

Some of today's list may just be photo's, to show the beauty of the multi-colored, others will be worded.  For whatever reason, this makes my heart slow down and rejoice as I think of the various items running through my head that would fight into this category.  The biggest things coming to memory is friendship and love.

So here it is, my multi-colored thankful list (and as a side not, please forgive what may seem like some redundancy here, one of my favorite things you'll be able to pick up on from this list):
  • a salad, colored like the rainbow, brought over when I was on bed rest with our oldest son
  • a photo of a colorful rooster, because she knows I like them
  • a stain glass rooster, that hung in my folks kitchen bay window for a time.  Mom found it at a yard sale, thought of me, but decided to keep it for awhile.  She passed it to me this July.
  • almost anything stain glassed.  Have a small lamp and light over the kitchen sink.  Think I am a craftsman still home, loving girl!
  • have seen a photo, and can't find it, of several arms showing the skin tones from white to dark brown.  Struck me that we are all one race and just shades of brown.  Loved it.
  • Blankets I have made, over the years, that are colorful.  Not sure I have ever made one that is a solid color.  It's either variegated yarn (single strand of yarn or multiple strands) or several different solids put together for striping.
  • colorful table clothes

 Stained glass, night light, Chicken.
Does a craftsman, farm girl, want a be, good!

Another beautiful Rooster!
Thank you Debbie Morgans

 Yet another stained glass roster!
Mom was thinking of me.

 Spring and Summer colored table clothes.

Fall and Winter colored table clothes,
well, mostly fall.

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