Thursday, September 11, 2014

Joy Through Colors ~ Red

The leaves are just beginning to turn colors in our back yard.  For several years now, I've noticed one tree will send out a few red leaves early in comparison to the rest of that tree (and the forest that surrounds it).  A couple days ago, this helped me choose the next color to find my favorite things in.  So here it goes, without further adu:
  • red leaves
  • Vera Bradley Hipster ~ in a retired, paisley red
  • Sienna van ~ not sure what the technical color is, but red works
  • candy canes
  • strawberries
  • red wine
  • sprinkles on cookies (thinking more of Christmas cookies, than other kinds of pastries)
  • beets
  • red mittens, made for a child of mine
  • rosy, red cheeks
  • male cardinals

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