Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reflections on Joy

One day I may get back to blogging about joy and country, just not sure when.  Very random thoughts on Joy lately, over the last few days.  I am finding there is always something to be thankful about, to be joyful about.  It really should not be to hard to find a few.  Here are some of what has been running through my head:

  • actually having had a C-Section with youngest kid almost 12 years ago.  The memories of how to get out of bed, from that, served me well over the last few days
  • enjoying vegetables is a good thing, when in a liquid/soft food diet
  • kids that are trying to get along
  • a husband who is picking up the "slack" that I've been dropping the last few days
  • cool weather so we can have the windows open
  • enjoying just vegging

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