Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Knitting ~ for me, ranks high on the joy list

Self taught, learned totally wrong, and learned the "correct" way.  The one folks look at, when someone wants a handicraft class taught to their girls at co-op.  The person who has bins of varying lengths of yarn from left over projects.  I AM that one who says, "Don't interrupt me while I am counting stitches!".  Known to loose a needle because I put it in my hair bun.  I could loose hours walking the aisles at Joanne's looking at and touching the yarn, all the whilst dreaming of the next project.  Friends ask if I would like their skeins of yarn they don't need.

I am my father's daughter, if you apply the same principles to wood, tools, and stains.  He can build the most beautiful things out of wood.  There are many other areas around a house he is good at, but the sound of a saw, the smell of wood and stain will always remind me of him.  I enjoy tinkering with him in his shop too!  He is a wealth of knowledge!

My brain is racing again!  Racing like Mario Anretti with things to make with srape yarn, things for the boys, and new projects.  Some require research, some just the gumption to sit and do, others brain storming, measuring, and planning.  It's a joyful feeling to have my brain engaged like this again; it has been to long.  Time for notes and sketches and measuring!  Maybe this is why I am liking my colored pencils, pens, and highlighters, i can think in color then!

So, I will leave you with something finished and something new!

 Most of the whole blanket!

 Close up of the back.

Close up of the front

Something new!

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