Friday, March 23, 2018

Hello All!!

Starting to blog again.  Yes, I tend to go Absent Without Leave (AWOL) for long periods of time.  It is usually those times that I either loose focus in a lot of fun stuff or am switching gears and learning a new hobby.

Since my last post (9/10/17) much has happened in our lives.  Some aspects, I am just not willing to share in the World Wide Web, they are just to personal.  Other things have been happening too!  Senior year of high school related items for our oldest, wisdom teeth out, theater shows, rehearsals practices, sports, colds, holidays, outside classes, many holidays, etc.  Do you get the point? 

Anyway, as I surf the Internet for ideas of homemade cleaners, craft ideas, new recipes, watercolor ideas (a brand new hobby as of the beginning of 2018), I have been pondering if I wanted to delete all my various blogs that I've started and fresh.  This got me thinking that just a slight tweak of the purpose of Joy Discovered and I could keep this one going.  My thoughts are that there are so many DIY sites out there; it feels like there isn't room for another.  This is totally fine for me, as I'm not always that original with new topics for posting.  What does work for me though, is sharing the original post, on a craft/recipe/whatever, and how it turned out for me, what I might have done differently, to make it unique for my household and me.

So, changes will be coming to this site, to accommodate these ideas.  It is all fluid, for now.  Hope to get rolling on this soon.  Changes I am immediately thinking of:

·      tweaking the labels to be more concise
·      creating a overall color scheme I like and can stick with, hopefully for awhile

If you get notifications that I have posted or stumble across this blog,  let me know what you think.  Would like to bring a bit of Joy into your life too!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quick Post

another busy day here.  Lots of cooking, organizing,and desk work.  Here is what I am thankful for:

  • figuring out how to print double sided to new printer
  • guys doing yard work
  • home made meatballs
Know there are more, life has just been a bit busier than usual.  May or may not be able to post in the coming few days.  May go old school and had write out thankfulness.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Exhausted! A Good Feeling!!

Yes, it feels good to be exhausted.  Proof we got stuff accomplished today.  Also proved by getting over 11,000 steps, with out thinking about it and not shopping a lot or being a tourist.

Things I am thankful for today, in random order:

  • both kids gone for a couple hours tonight
  • inexpensive mums
  • beginnings of fall decorating
  • impulse purchase
  • TV not on, at all, today
  • ACTs completed for oldest

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Already?

This week has been slow and fast.  A very real struggle between both kinds of moments.  Thank goodness for clocks, lists, and calendars.  Something might have gotten dropped.

It comes down to this for the day:
  • happy teenager
  • call back auditions going well
  • a husband who likes to cook
  • being hyper focused, yet flexible
  • friendships, yes again, it's been that kinda week
  • understanding that life happens
  • patience

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Beauty in a Thursday

This butterfly bush almost died.
Managed to save it, winter it indoors,
and safely transpant outside.

Beauty!  Not the Vogue or GQ Magazine type either.  Genuine, from the soul, kind of beauty.  The kind that don't fade, but go brighter as time marches on.  Beauty in friendship, beauty in nature, beauty in routine.  That was the sum of today's experience.  Beauty in in all.
  • cool weather
  • getting back into a local co-op
  • son feeling better
  • walks with Kevin
  • butterfly bush growing well
  • connecting with new friends (lol!  another Jennifer)
What has caught your eye as beautiful?  Simple things, big things, little things?  Care to share?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lovely Sort of Day

Brain went into a Sound of Music song.  Want to guess?  Okay, givee itto you anyway, My Favorite Things!  It has just been a good day.  Here is what makes the list:

  • not being needed for something (gained 2 hours)
  • women's bible study starting again
  • milkshakes from CFA
  • general good feeling
  • catching up with friends

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Birthday Sort of Day!

Hubby celebrated another year on this year!  Thankful he is here and we celebrated, even if it wasnt a huge thing.  Thankful he wasnt expecting a whole lot.

In addition to this, thankful for the following:

  • tag teaming getting the kids to where they need to be
  • sun and clouds
  • voice lessons for the younger one
  • easy dinners, like tacos
  • time to read