Friday, November 18, 2016

Finally Friday

yup'ers!  Thankful for Friday!  Now have boat loads of things running through my head of things to get done, fun to be had, etc.  not sure what all we be accomplished and I am ok with that!

Thankfulness, thus far today:

  • Trip to Nall's for inexpensive apples
  • Finding soy candles at Nall's
  • Pizza for lunch
  • Warm sun while outside
  • Opportunity to kick back for a bit
What's great about your Friday?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

If Facebook Status' Were Honest

How much of Facebook status' are over worked, over thought?

What if they were honest, delivered well, and not over thought?

I've been off of Facebook a few days, but for whatever reason, this started running through my head this morning.  Just transparent, honesty, with the delivery well thought out, but not over thought!  After all, someone will always be offended, but that percentage could be a whole lot lower.  Also, makes me wonder if we could get to a point, where we can truly accept our differences and find the similarities in each other.

Are you curious what my "honest" facebook status' would be?  Here are some:
  • the kitchen is a train wreck, but breakfast was worth it ~  yummy chocolate donuts with an orange glaze
  • "When You Say Nothing At All" came on Pandora; 13 yo made the comment that "When You Say Nothing At All" is appropriate because you can't sing, speaking of no one inparticular
  • how do we change the younger generation who feel so entitled to riot, pressure colleges to cancel classes, beat people up, etc. because the election went the way it did?
  • what exactly is my dog dreaming of when she's sleeping and her tail is wagging excitedly?
That's pretty much it on Facebook, if I were there and not worried about what others thought about the number of posts I had in a short time period.
Image result for thanksgiving watercolor
As for thankfulness, feels hard to find lately, but here it goes:
  • aforementioned donuts
  • fresh coffee
  • sleeping, snuggly dog
  • kids in a cheerful mood
  • Allison Kraus station on Pandora

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After

. . . any big event, can be overwhelming, be a joyous occasion, or be a day of grieving.

Today, the day after the Presidential Elections is no different.  Folks seem equally divided between being thankful and wanting to leave the USA.  This tension has been felt for many days and weeks.  My sincerest hopes and prayers are for unity of the common good.  The common good of every USA citizen, those who are here on work visa or school visa, those seeking asylum from their previous country.  The United States of America was founded with and by immigrants, from many nations.  The constitution was created out of a desire to safe guard our freedoms and to protect our citizens.  I am thankful for USA "growing up" and realizing it's narrow view of "man" was lacking, that human beings is a far better way of looking at individuals (although "we" still need some work on that).  I am thankful to live in a country where folks want to come to, to live and work.

Anyway, have been meaning to come back here, at least in the month of November, and blog things to be thankful of.  Nine days in and just getting to it.  Feels like the story of my life.  A lot of "Around to Its" going on.  Here's a random list of things, to include the last few days:

  • blue skies
  • some cooler days
  • fall colors
  • election being over
  • fall/winter meal planning
  • walks through the woods
  • hot tea
  • hot chocolate
  • fresh, homemade whipped cream
  • blankets
  • crazy, silly dog
  • sunshine
Random, fall picture from my hard drive

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thankfulness, Pure and Simple!

My brain is racing today!  And in a good way.  Just pondering so much! Thankful for so much.  Here's the run down:
  • so many folks, at our church, give so much of their time, for an average Sunday.  Then we have VBS week.  I am amazed how much the "regulars" give of their time and talent and all the other folks come out for the weeks leading up to VBS week and the actual week.
  • I was cleaning up, post dinner, and my brain wander to various pastors we've had and what they've meant to us.  Mark Green making me laugh because we're one of the few homeschooling families without a globe in the house.  Nace Lanier's sermon with Matthew 7:3; I often go back to that before I correct our children or bring something up to a friend.  TJ V. and always saying Quest kids can get squirrely or things go "sideways".  I love those polite phrases and use them often. Matt Watson's VBS plug last Sunday and mentioning Matthew 20:28; I have been more aware of serving, even in the little things, and trying to do more.
  • Thankful that my aching body held out day, as I tried to keep up getting things done
  • Thankful that my husband noticed the crockpot was off in time, that dinner was still had at a descent hour
  • Thankful for a husband taking the 16 yo shoe shopping, so I could stay home and clean
  • Thankful for power, during a warm spell, so we have A/C and running fans
  • Thankful for time to just sit and veg
  • Thankful for the fine young men our boys are turning into.
  • Thankful for a friend, who's husband is encouraging her to hang out with friends more.  We both need it more.  Look forward to whatever we plan.
  • Thankful for Sunday evenings and time to rest.
With that, dear readers, I log off, to enjoy dessert with my lovely family.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Truly! I mean it!!

I have really do have every intention of trying to blog more often.  It is such a "therapy" counting the joy, the good.  Days come and days go, things are noticed, counted, and some are remembered while some forgotten.  Suppose I need to work on this like kicking a bad habbit with remembering the good.

So far, between the last blog post and today's:
  1. finishing school up for the year
  2. first trip to the community pool
  3. school books for next year coming in
  4. visiting my folks
  5. first tomatoes coming in
  6. first batch of ice cream for the summer
  7. scout being inducted into "Order of the Arrow"
 As this is a "I'm still alive and counting post", not sure what pictures would fit here!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lavendar and Peter Rabbit today

That is what has been running through my head all day; at least that is what it feels like.  The day had it's challenges, but fortunately I'd been able to pin point some of the issues and take care of those directly and appropriately.  Sure makes that part of life easier.  Despite feeling a bit crummy, was able to keep a level head with school and our boys.  We talked through the last bits of school that need to be finished, came up with plans, and they moved on with the plan.  Felt good to get their in put and them working on it.

During the "long day" I had mixed up water and lavendar essential oil, in a spray bottle.  Lavendar is know for it's calming effects.  At a minimum, the air smelled better and spring like.  It got me thinking of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.  I was off to Pinterest to look her up.  Here's one lovely photo I found:

Isn't it lovely ~ a knitting mouse!
The good for today:
  • hitting my step count goal
  • playing around with scrap yarn
  • soup
  • popsiscles
  • getting hard chores done
  • good discussions with the boys
  • clean out the fridge dinner
  • being tired at a reasonable time for bed
And with that, I wish you good night!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Movie One Liners!

Probably the most frequent one for me is "storms coming up Annie, you better get home quick!" from Star Wars Episode 1.  It usually comes out "storms coming Annie" when the big, gray and dark gray clouds roll in, during the summer.  We had a few of those today. 

Today, it had me thinking of other one liners we say around here.  Some are:
  • "this one goes to 11" from Spinal Tap
  • "What is the ultimate number?" from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • "What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?" from Monty Python
  • "Inconcieveble" from Princess Bride
I'm sure there are more, if we were all awake and bantering with one another about remembering favorite lines.  Alas, I'm the only one up, unable to sleep, jotting down odd thoughts from the day.

The good and thankful today:
  • seeing our kids smile
  • naps (whoops, that backfired on me)
  • time to listen to audio book
 Short list today; hope your's is longer!