Thursday, September 25, 2014

Joy Through Friendship

Hard to describe this post, other than friendship.   Today, I'll be having surgery to repair a hiatal hernia.  Google if you care to know more.  It has not been a fun road figuring out all that has been going on over the last year.  Only bright side is that I have lost almost 40 pounds as a result!

Anyway, the joy behind all of this is that, I have friends who keep wanting to make sure we have meals covered.  I've been able to coordinate the boys getting to co-op, their class pictures being taken even if I forget about the forms, a point of contact while they are at co-op, my class being covered, other friends sending in prayer requests.  Many friends are looking out for me through actions and prayer.  I am truly blessed by these ladies and love them greatly!

Thank you friends, you know who you are!

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