Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Joy Through Color ~ Black

Why start with black?  It's bleak, dark, depressing!  Black can be a blessing too, in the darkest moments, when a candle is lit, there is a flicker of hope, a spark of something more.  Let's start there and find the joy in the dark.
  • night ~ a perfect backdrop for stars or Aurora Borealis
  • clothing ~ very slimming
  • asphalt driveway ~ warm to bare feet on a cool day
  • tires ~ help keep a vehicle moving
  • ink from a pen ~ a letter in the mail
  • chalk board for doodling ~ ours have been black and yes it comes in other colors too!
  • the back and temples of our tri-color coon hound
  • a camera
  • house numbers to welcome you home
  • cast iron skillets to cook with
10 black things, that quick.  Ten things to be thankful for that come in a shade of black.  Can you count or think of more than that?  Many of the things I've mentioned do come in other colors, but some don't, like plan cast iron cookware and nighttime.

Pictures for today, of course the night sky, I found on the web!

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