Monday, September 8, 2014

sounds ~ a double posting sort of day!

certain sounds can be calming or soothing, while others alarming or jolting.

this morning feels like a traditional fall morning, though still technically still summer.  Windows are open, dishwasher running, ice falling into the bucket, birds talking, car doors closings as folks leave for work.  In the distance, there was a train whistle and sounds of a train passing.  I have always enjoyed the sound of the train.  For some reason, in the cool of the fall, it feels more home like, more soothing, making all right.  Not sure when, why, or how the sound of a train became such a good thing to me.

When we owned our first home, there was a CSX line and D.C. Metro Blue line near our town home community.  Our oldest LOVED to watch the trains go by.  We could walk over, through the last bit of farm land, and watch almost any time we wanted.  It was through that field that he first called the moon, when it shows up in the early evening sky, a ball.

Thinking of train sounds, brings me to a couple other spots too.  One, is back to college.  Not sure where the train line was, but remember the fall days, again, and hearing the train pass by.  The other place was my grandparents place in northern Wisconsin and hearing the train go by across the lake.  Such a pleasant, fond memory for me.

Another item to add to my growing list of thankfulness and joy:

~ ~ the sound of a train on a fall day ~ ~

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