Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Joy Through Family ~ Jennifer's Parents

Thought I'd take time to write about both sets of parents as they've done a lot for each of us, throughout our lives.  You could say I flipped a coin to pick a set to write about first, but that wouldn't exactly be true, I've just known my folks a tad longer ~ about 26 years longer!  :)

There are many little things I remember about my folks, that always brought a smile, things like:
  • my dad always seemed to have change in his pocket for me to get a soda after the basket ball games I played in
  • I remember my mom skipping some breaks, when she worked, so that she could leave early and watch a Brownie cross over to Girl Scouts
  • one year they gave me a "boom box" and my dad rigged it to play while it was all wrapped up in the box, thought that was really cool
  • when I think about it, Mom usually had change, too, after shopping at the commissary and stopping by a produce stand on the way home
  • remember one year in college, did not have the best set up for roommates, my folks made the effort to come back down, only 3 weeks after school started, to help me move!
  • they've been wonderful grandparents to our kids, giving boat rides, having worms to fish off their dock, and always having pink lemonade
  • before kids, I always remember walking into their house to the smell of fresh bread (in a bread maker) and home made chocolate chip cookies.  Both smells are a warm fuzzy for me.
  • the smell of fresh cut wood or stain reminds me of my dad because he loves to work with wood
  • mom seemed to be able to sew anything, while dad could fix just about anything
  • while my folks sill lived in our area, mom and I would sit on our front stoop and watch the storms come in ~ fun times
  • even though it's hard to get five kids, their spouses, and all the grand kids together for Christmas, love seeing "the stockings" hung by the fireplace with care!
  • sitting in their back yard, either on the porch or on the gentle hill to dock, and watching life go by!  And the occasional boat!
  • jet noise as they live near a couple naval bases.

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