Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lovely Things

Headed out to Target today (third different one in a week or so, I think) trying to find the right size desk top calendar.  This particular one (aka Target #3) has consistently had the right size, but not today!  Drats the luck.  Was recommended to go to a fourth one!  Ugh!!  I've also check other stores while there too.

Anyway, while at Target #3, I found the following beautiful planner.

 The flowers are really cute.
Front says, "ooh, la, la",
but that isn't what sold me on it.

 Check out what is by each date.

Yup, daily gratitude!
I'm trying to be reminded of gratitude, daily.
This space "sold" me on the planner.
While taking the quick photos, just noticed "weekly intentions"
across the top.  This planner gets me excited for the year.

Besides the run to Target, has been like any other dreary day.  My sky scarf has a 1 day of beautiful blue sky and 2 dreary, gray days.  But remembering the gratitude would look like this:
  • on the mends from a cold
  • leftovers for meals
  • basic school days
  • no where to go (other than errand to Target)
  • finding 5th color for sky scarf
  • dinner alone, at home, with hubby.  Boys weren't ready for dinner and it was a fix it yourself kind of night.
  • pretty planner
That sums of January 3rd.  Hope your New Year is turning out lovely!


  1. Love Love LOVE the planner!!! Thanks for sharing this Jennifer! At which Target did you find this? Was it available in other patterns, too?

    1. Found it at the Fairfax Target, near the VRE. They had the small version and a slightly bigger one. There were a couple designs, but only looked at this one closely.