Saturday, August 9, 2014

Joy Through the Alphabet ~ G

Still have Sesame Street running through my head, even after getting to the letter G.

Today is brought to you by the letter G.
And Cookie Monster trying HARD to not eat the cookie!
  •  Goose ~ bridal shower gift from my folks friends.  The couldn't believe that I actually wanted one just like my folks;  I still would love to have my folks, so I'd have two then.  Being patient is easier when you have your own!
  • Grose family ~ whole family is the kind of people you want in your life.  Even the wee, little guy is fun!
  • Grace Group - our home school co-op
  • games with the family
  • Ghirardelli chocolate
  • Grace for the day
My goose
Mom & Dad's Goose


  1. And Garage Sales, even when they don't go quite as planned!

  2. What is it about this one post that, at this time, it has gotten 40 views? A few have 20 or so; most 7 to 10. Not sure why gooses, Grose's, and chocolate rank so high on the reading list!