Monday, January 19, 2015

Odd day for photos

So let me just jump right into the photos today:

 odd combination of things, on the smallest counter
in the kitchen.  Something from each of the three members
at home!

 Mentioned some time before Christmas that we needed
new kitchen hand towels to my MIL and showed
her the ones I really liked.  She
picked these out for me.  I like how
bright and cheery they are.
They seem super absorbent too.

 Passing into the kitchen, saw a cheek needing to be
kissed.  It made him laugh.

 a visiting lady bug!

 The owner of the blue water bottle, busy at school.
Not sure if he was aware I was taking photos.
What is that, Jennifer S., the "Mamarazzi"?

Someone was so excited by the
word cheese, she came with her blanket
and begged awhile.

Even though the day was long; lots to get done; things to wash, dry & fold; there is much to be thankful for.  Counting it all joy.
  • leftovers for lunch and dinner
  • fun picture day
  • starts of a new play
  • getting most of a to do list done
  • being okay with what didn't get done
  • feeling tired at the end of the day (both physically and mentally, in a good way)
  • looking forward to the last of the celebrations tomorrow
  • thankful for a teen keeping laundry going
What has brought you joy today?


  1. My Joy is even though it was a hard day with extra busy-ness and an unexpected car repair (ouch!) I feel God's peace anyways...and THAT makes all the difference.

    1. I had that today. The sound of a train horn/whistle, made me slow down and breath, not panic. Weird, I know, but it help me to focus on God and slow down for His voice!