Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lavendar and Peter Rabbit today

That is what has been running through my head all day; at least that is what it feels like.  The day had it's challenges, but fortunately I'd been able to pin point some of the issues and take care of those directly and appropriately.  Sure makes that part of life easier.  Despite feeling a bit crummy, was able to keep a level head with school and our boys.  We talked through the last bits of school that need to be finished, came up with plans, and they moved on with the plan.  Felt good to get their in put and them working on it.

During the "long day" I had mixed up water and lavendar essential oil, in a spray bottle.  Lavendar is know for it's calming effects.  At a minimum, the air smelled better and spring like.  It got me thinking of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.  I was off to Pinterest to look her up.  Here's one lovely photo I found:

Isn't it lovely ~ a knitting mouse!
The good for today:
  • hitting my step count goal
  • playing around with scrap yarn
  • soup
  • popsiscles
  • getting hard chores done
  • good discussions with the boys
  • clean out the fridge dinner
  • being tired at a reasonable time for bed
And with that, I wish you good night!

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