Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Stumbling Sort of Day!

Yes, stumbling!

        a definition of stumbling ~ to almost fall, to trip, to loose balance for a moment

That has been me finding the joy in the ordinary today!  So many things, probably more than I can recount today; probably more that I forgot than remembered because I haven't been noting them today.  Maybe I should do that, but probably won't.  (glimpse of a life with an easily distracted brain).

Big picture today starts with a lack of sleep.  My day actually started with a late night because we celebrated a birthday today.  There are things I like to do for our kids before they wake on their birth day.  Streamers put up, poster board decorated, few other things put out.  Man cub prayed for.

As for the day and the counting, it goes like things:
  • another year celebrated with our oldest, now 16
  • having enough, various forms of chocolate, in house to make ice cream, cake, and frosting
  • a good attitude from children (mostly, with only minor correcting) pretty much all day
  • easy to fix dinner
  • realizing how much food we have in the freezer and pantry (just need to meal plan off of that)
  • keeping the house warm without much electricity
  • a child bathing our dog for me
  • cake and ice cream before dinner
  • commiserating, with a friend, over raising boys
  • body holding out, as a lot of time spent standing and washing dishes
  • watching the smiles on 16 yo as he opened gifts and mail today
  • husband coming home early to celebrate life as a family
 Yes, more York Peppermint Patties!

 What's left of his cake and ice cream.
Also visible is a Celtic Thunder CD; one of his favorite groups.

It's been awhile since I took photos regularly.  Took a number of them this afternoon, but most turned out blurry.  Need to keep on taking them and learn the settings on my camera better!

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