Sunday, May 15, 2016

Been thinking . . .

a lot about this blog the last few weeks.  Haven't made the time to come over to post, but have been pondering and thinking.  The intentional counting of joy was the intent of keeping the blog up and going.  I have managed to let life get in the way and not count the joy; not even jotting things down to  log a bunch at one time.  Things need to change!  My intentions need to change.  My focus needs to change.

How will things change?  Here are a few ideas I have been mulling over:

  • Knitting ~ have been thinking of making a scarf based off of one years worth of weather.  Here is what I am musing:  5 to 7 colors that the sky might be at noon (sorry, no sunrise or sunsets), this would allow for a few shades of blue, gray, and white.  I'd note in my planner, after coming up with a code, of the color for the given day.  Then, on a predetermined day of the week, knit those seven days of color.  Think I know the yarn I want to use, but need to check availability of colors.  I will play around with size of yarn, pattern, and number of rows per day.  (Raverly has a "paatern" and videos already if you are curious!)
  • Another area I want to pick back up is reading.  Think I read 5 or 6 books in January and then quit.  Not sure how I'd blog about that, but a good book should bring you to a happy place.
  • Photography ~ either my own or a friends.  Know several folks who take some amazing pictures.
  • Articles, videos, music, etc. that leave you feeling good or stretching your mind and heart.
  • Possibly sharing of dreams (not literal night time dreams), the things hoped for, worked for.
That's about it for now!  Hope to hear from you.

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