Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No Picture Kind of Day

it is just that kind of day.  Beautiful sunshine, check; breeze, check; bees buzzing, check; smells of summer, check; vitamin D catching sort of day; just no pictures.  It was a day to push through and get the basics accomplished ~ a day when long naps or vegging outside would be wonderful.

Very thankful to have had another day, even when doing life while exhausted.  Thankful to be bringing it to a close.  Thankful for adult conversations.  Thankful for hearing others speak well of our boys.  Thankful for cold, crisp apples.

And with that, I wish you a good night!

I was reminded this morning (Wednesday should you care), that yesterday, while fixing my much needed afternoon coffee, I was truly thankful for the one filter left.  I was exhausted enough that retrieving then next bundle from the top pantry shelf, felt like a huge ordeal!  I snicker now, but it did really feel like to much work.

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