Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Places

What's your happy place?  Where do you go to unwind? To recharge?

Is it a library or book store or a run?  Maybe some place loud because you're an extrovert and need that to recharge!

Life has been wet, to say the least, around my parts of the world.  Heard some folks compare our area to Seattle, Washington because we'd had rain everyday for over two weeks.  Thankful for the rain, as we didn't have to water the new grass, but it does get old after awhile.  Yesterday and today have been gloriously sunny, mild temps, and cool breezes.  This led to finally planting a garden.  For me, that is a happy place.  Sun, breeze, dirt, plants, digging, things to add to the soil so the plants get "good" fertilizer (I added bananas for the potassium, egg shells for the calcium, and Epsom Salt for the magnesium, plus some sand to help loosen up the clay).  It felt wonderful to play in the dirt!

 Two tomato plants and a grape tomate plant!

 Planted beens this year!  A new thing for us to try.
I'll put some twine around the poles and weave the plants through
as they grow.

Three baskets with potato seeds in them.  Found
the idea on Pinterest.  The little plants, to the right of
the laundry baskets, are basil.  Second round unfortunately;
weather has been so unpredictable, we've lost a few things already.

And back to counting the joy:
  • warm, dry weather (with a breeze even)
  • planting our garden
  • final weeks of the school year
  • coffee
  • getting a computer back

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