Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Boredom & Boredom Busters

There are days when I find odd things near each other and it leads me to crafting; crafting out boredom.  Then end result is sometimes amusing and a good thing, other times it's a dud, but not a waste of time.

Within the last week to 10 days or so, found myself at my desk, finished with whatever I was working on.  There were all the right items for a quick craft.  In view were scissors, burlap ribbon, a glue stick, and a mason jar (begging to be crafted).  Took the rim off the jar, cut a piece of burlap ribbon the correct size, put glue stick all over the lid, placed the ribbon & smoothed it out.
 Once the "ribbon" was dried a bit, which didn't take long, I put the rim back on, and this is what it looked like.  I was pleased with the quick boredom buster.  Still makes me snicker seeing it, knowing how quick and easy it was.

Thankfulness for the day:
  • remembering the stash of good chocolate
  • boredom busters
  • meeting friends for lunch
  • getting things accomplished around the house
Hope you've had a great day!  Off to do something else myself.

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