Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thankfulness, Pure and Simple!

My brain is racing today!  And in a good way.  Just pondering so much! Thankful for so much.  Here's the run down:
  • so many folks, at our church, give so much of their time, for an average Sunday.  Then we have VBS week.  I am amazed how much the "regulars" give of their time and talent and all the other folks come out for the weeks leading up to VBS week and the actual week.
  • I was cleaning up, post dinner, and my brain wander to various pastors we've had and what they've meant to us.  Mark Green making me laugh because we're one of the few homeschooling families without a globe in the house.  Nace Lanier's sermon with Matthew 7:3; I often go back to that before I correct our children or bring something up to a friend.  TJ V. and always saying Quest kids can get squirrely or things go "sideways".  I love those polite phrases and use them often. Matt Watson's VBS plug last Sunday and mentioning Matthew 20:28; I have been more aware of serving, even in the little things, and trying to do more.
  • Thankful that my aching body held out day, as I tried to keep up getting things done
  • Thankful that my husband noticed the crockpot was off in time, that dinner was still had at a descent hour
  • Thankful for a husband taking the 16 yo shoe shopping, so I could stay home and clean
  • Thankful for power, during a warm spell, so we have A/C and running fans
  • Thankful for time to just sit and veg
  • Thankful for the fine young men our boys are turning into.
  • Thankful for a friend, who's husband is encouraging her to hang out with friends more.  We both need it more.  Look forward to whatever we plan.
  • Thankful for Sunday evenings and time to rest.
With that, dear readers, I log off, to enjoy dessert with my lovely family.

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