Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Already?!?

Friday came and went, just like that, and no post.  Had ideas of things to blog about and things to be reminded of, but the day just got away from me.

It's Saturday now.  Folks are starving (not literally, but feels like it somedays).  Had just gone to the butcher yesterday and picked a nice variety of beef and pork.  Thinking it's a chili dog type of day, but the beef we buy from the butcher was frozen.  I used one of my "kitchen hacks" to quicken up the thawing.  As soon as it was thawed enough to cut, I'd slice off sections (large or small, didn't matter). 
Larger chunks of meat

Once everything was cut down, I diced up the bigger pieces to smaller ones.
Smaller cuts

By doing so, there is more surface area to brown and thaw at the same time.  We didn't need to wait a couple hours for the meat to thaw, make the chili, and then have lunch.  Good thing, as I was starting about 11:00 AM and we were already HUNGRY.  By cutting down the frozen ground beef, I was able to brown the meat and onions, drain, at tomatoes and seasonings, and have chili simmering in about 20 minutes.  I like that kind of turn around.  And the chili, cheese hot dogs were good! 

It's been another dreary day here, so no visiting a happy place of out doors!  Oh well!  We did get chores done, shopping accomplished and had some down time.  Not such a bad thing, really.

The joy for the day would boil down to this:
  • quickly made chili
  • good lunch
  • grilled dinner (even in the rain)
  • good snacks
  • vegging
  • ice cream with caramel sauce
Hope you had a lovely Saturday.

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