Monday, May 30, 2016

Yikes!!! A week!

I've had every intention of coming here every day to write.  Many days I had some great ideas, above and beyond just being thankful.  Cool ideas for photos, but didn't follow through on grabbing the camera and going.  Some days have been just flat out hard, really hard.  Days that were, "but by the Grace of God"!  Life's leveling out, feeling good, sleeping better, eating better, walking more, etc.  Amazing what all that will do for your well being.

Kevin and I spent a lot of odd times together today.  Shopping, cleaning the kitchen, walks, t.v., running errands.  Just weird life stuff.  I spent time clean up and cleaning out my desk today.  Found a lot of old photos and cards that were sent just because.  It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

Here is one that I forgot we had:

These are Charlotte's "baby pictures" we came home with
when we adopted her 5 1/2 years ago.  Her head has gone from
mostly black to a lot more brown!

One of Kevin's and my walks was through the woods and
down to the creek.  Took my shoes off and got in the
water.  Charlotte was happy to follow along.
It's times like this I'd love a 25 foot lead for her.  She'd love the water,
but is all hound and we have not done off lead training.

For the good and joy over the last few days:
  • IRL friends
  • on-line friends
  • potato seeds sprouting
  • walks
  • rug cleaner
  • two fridges (to thaw the main one)
  • good food
  • teen making brownies
  • movies
  • knitting
  • naps
  • fans circulating cool air
  • Trader Joe Chocolate Crossaints
  • Ikea Cinnamon Roles (for price, okay tasting)

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