Friday, February 5, 2016

Crazy, Random, Rapid Fire!

That is what it has felt like for blog posts the last few days.  Coming quicker than I can jot a note or take a photo.  Before I know it the day is done, lights out, sleep overcomes, and a new day is fast approaching.

I have been mulling over expanding on this blog.  Not just the joy in life, but occasional other posts such as:  books read (at the end of the month), Simple Woman's Day book (I think that is what is called, need to look it up, but internet is slow today), possible just photo days with minimal words explaining it, and a few other ideas I am not ready to share.

Questions for those of you who read this:
  1. is to much of the same thing bad - meaning just posting joy stuff?
  2. would you want to read more variety of stuff or at least in a different format?
  3. how often on blog posts?
Would love to read comments on these ideas!  Preferably here, but Facebook is fine too!  Why here?  I occasionally go back to see what folks thought and it's nice to see others input.

Here are some random things that have brought joy.  One day, I will learn to note them down, but for now these will do:
  1. aches and pains subsiding
  2. ladies bible studies starting again
  3. fitbit challenges to keep the step count up
  4. promises of Spring
  5. kids maturing
  6. fresh coffee
  7. getting back to a regular routine
  8. time for coloring
  9. time to read
  10. seeing kids smile
  11.  sunshine
  12. daffodils peaking out of the ground, way to early
 Warm weather to dry out a tent after Klondike Camping

Beautiful Sunset!
Yes, the woods are covered with snow.

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