Friday, June 24, 2016

Truly! I mean it!!

I have really do have every intention of trying to blog more often.  It is such a "therapy" counting the joy, the good.  Days come and days go, things are noticed, counted, and some are remembered while some forgotten.  Suppose I need to work on this like kicking a bad habbit with remembering the good.

So far, between the last blog post and today's:
  1. finishing school up for the year
  2. first trip to the community pool
  3. school books for next year coming in
  4. visiting my folks
  5. first tomatoes coming in
  6. first batch of ice cream for the summer
  7. scout being inducted into "Order of the Arrow"
 As this is a "I'm still alive and counting post", not sure what pictures would fit here!

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