Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday ~ last moments of vacation

we'll be back at the grind tomorrow.  School and other things will be in full swing!  Ugh!  Not ready for it all to be back at it.

Today was a bit lovely, a bit long, a bit busy, and now a bit slow.  Oldest and I made it to church today ~ Ian just can't seem to shake the cold he has.  Spent an hour chatting with a friend I don't get to see as much as I'd like too.  Got caught up on life and things going on.  Lovely time!  Ran into another friend and chatted, briefly about ladies Wednesday Night study and my blog, how I had ideas for sketching things out, writing a post, etc. for today.

More even more time ~ short periods ~ with two other friends as well.  Very cool day at church.

The doodling that has been running through my head today.  Drawing out JOY with a star for the center of the O.  Kept thinking of "Jesus, Others, Yourself".  In chatting with friends, sometimes others and yourself gets a bit mixed, one comes before the other.  That's fine ~ keep in mind doing for others before yourself, but take time for yourself too.  I'll be pondering this over coming days!  So today it's:

  • finding small moments of joy
  • cleaning
  • staging items to purge
  • meeting with friends
  • church
  • getting ready for 14 yo turning 15 yos

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