Thursday, January 8, 2015

Living in 2015

sure has it's advantages and disadvantages.  Obvious advantages are some medical advancements, technology, safety in travel (assuming you don't drive when you shouldn't be), being able to snap photos quickly and see if they are good or bad.  The bad side of this age is the instant gratification of being able to do so much, so quickly.  At least in my corner of the world.

I was really struck by this, when coming home after picking up my van from the shop.  Beautiful sunset that I would have loved to take a photo of,  but the camera was home.  It struck me funny because, even 20 years ago, you had to wait on the film to be developed to see if photo turned out all right.  Almost immediately, a song came on the radio and I didn't recognize the artist or song.  What to do in a situation like this?  Grab the smart phone, open up the Sound Hound App, and figure it out.  Being close enough to home, knew I probably wouldn't get to hear either the artist or song title.  I know, I know, first world problems I was experiencing.  The song was "Call My Name" by Third Day.  Very cool song.

Side note here (and possibly showing my age): don't start a blog post without an outline or notes in place, if you don't plan on writing it all in one sitting.  Lost the train of thought and not sure how I was going to transition into todays thankfulness.  It was a brilliant one, when I first started typing, but the computer got set aside and thoughts got lost.  Oy vey!

Jumping into the list:

  • being able to wing co-op class (forgot a couple things and it still turned out well)
  • beautiful sunset, with or without the camera
  • music
  • being able to drive my van (I forget how "high" it is in comparison to Kevin's car until mine is in the shop for whatever reason).  It's not as big as a big SUV, but still good sized.
  • making kids happy by saying "fish and fries for dinner"
Truly simple things in life today are making me happy!

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