Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Celebrations and Some Missed

that is how this Sunday rolls.  Mr. E (if you watch Scooby Doo, you might get it.  If you know our kids names, you know which I'm talking about), is still coughing, a lot.  Five doses of antibiotics and several doses of OTC stuff and he's still sounds horrible.  May need to go back soon, to the doctors, and see what's up!

Anyway, he and I stayed home from church because he didn't sleep well.  Came time to make a call about the afternoon celebrations (Christmas/Birthdays at his grandparents) and he was still coughing a lot and cranky.  Naps, me working on various things and trying to be quiet.  What an afternoon that can me.  Missing my loud Pandora tunage!

Needless to say, the evening home was nice enough.  I made nachos, with taco meat even, for dinner.  One of the options kid threw out, that I could follow through on.  We watched "Nut Job" and now he's off having a bit of fun by himself.  I should finish lesson planning for the week, but wanted to wrap a post up early for a change.  Here I type, in total avoidance of what SHOULD be done!

Other guys will be home soon, lessons will be finished, we'll hang, get folks to bed, and I'll see about a few more chores.  For now it is me and my "Journey" station on Pandora.  Nothing like a bit of Queen Classics and Bohemian Rhapsody.  I probably like this station so much because of my siblings.  There are a lot of songs they grew up.  They always seemed to win on what station played, so I grew up listening to their favorites!

Anyway, the point of the blog, thankfulness:

  • extra time at home
  • getting chores done
  • kid napping
  • comfy clothes all day long
  • easy, pleasing dinner
  • time with just the four of us
  • son coming home from church, with another birthday present (I need to remind him to send thank you notes!) from a friend who was sick
Giant Darth Pez Dispenser
Cool gift, even for the non-Star Wars
Mom can appreciate!

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