Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another Saturday, Another Party

Ian's birthday is coming up soon, so he got to claim today to have some friends over.  Was rather pleased that he kept the guest list short and the length of time short too.  Had I planned it out, there might have been more 6th graders for a longer time period.  Thankful he didn't know what I was thinking.

What I like about having people over, is that we clean and the house stays that way for a couple days anyway.  Hopefully we'll keep it "clean" longer than we did after last weekend.  heheheehe!

Thankfulness for the day:

  • clean house
  • pizza for dinner, again
  • leftovers for another day
  • time to read
  • cool presents for an almost 12 yo
  • time for Netflix
  • warm clothes in a not so warm house (we keep the thermostat in the high 60's)
  • beautiful sunset
 Sunset tonight!
Love the orange/gold, pinks, and purples!

 Birthday Card

Duct Tap Wallet kit!
A successful gift.

Nifty Star Wars Fighter
Plain and pilot not to scale.

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