Saturday, January 10, 2015

Celebrations, Homemade Stuff, and life

We celebrated Simon's birthday, early, with friends.  Quit the evening having scattered teens arrive.  Found out feed them food, have things for them to do, and let them be.  Bunch of good kids!

Ian had a rough go though.  He wants to be a teenager, now.  He hits this periodically, when his older brother hits a new milestone, new activities, new life things, he wants to join in immediately and miss out on his own adventures.  Didn't help that he has a nasty head/chest cold and an ear infection.

Bright side of it all, we got a lot of cleaning out, good junk food made, and then relaxing all evening.

Good things for today:

  • making home made powdered sugar
  • home made chocolate cake
  • teenager having fun
  • fire going throughout the late afternoon and evening
  • leftovers of all the good food

  •  Chocolate Cake

    left over powder sugar

    For the sugar, I just blended, in small batches, regular sugar.  The better the blender you have, the finer the powder you will have.  I sifted it, as well, to get out clumps.  Liked this as we are trying to avoid corn products, except for real, non GMO Corn.  Not always possible, but where ever possible we do!

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