Monday, January 12, 2015

Some Days Just Got To . . . . .

let it go!  Structure, order, to do lists ~ out the window today, if it weren't raining most of the day!!!!!!

Rained all day long.  Miserable kid all day long.  New pain inflicted by Ortho ~ check.  Desire for sleep all day long ~ check and double check.   Coffee pot cranking out the coffee, even late into the evening ~ check.  Van with minimal gas and early morning "mom taxi job" ~ check.  With all the men in bed, pandora playing, coffee beside me, maybe I will get semi caught up on computer related "jobs" I have.  If only it were paid jobs!  Guess you could say they are in that I get to drink my favorite coffee, listen to any station on Pandora I want, and wear pj's if I want.  The money would be good to though!

Can I finally find the good, when I can't hear rain and it's late enough in the day that the gray clouds aren't noticeable.  Yes, I can and here it goes:

  • Kevin gassing up the van for me
  • getting the most needed thing done for tomorrow accomplished first
  • miserable/ortho inflicted kid laughing by the end of the day
  • listening to Pentatonix "That's Christmas to Me" while working
  • realizing I don't have to listen to their "Frozen" song!
  • a dog that will come in to "Milkbone" when I don't want to be a door attendant
  • kicking back (while working) and watching Netflix with the family
For the photo portion today, I am totally uninspired!

 Here is an oldy!  Someone turned 6,
9 years ago tomorrow.  Look at that blonde hair!

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