Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Traditions

Seems often now, that the boys ask what is for dinner, then remember that it is Friday and realize it's pizza night.  13 plus years of pizza on Friday night, you'd think they'd have it down by now.  lol!  Sometimes I forget and don't have crust, sauce, cheese or anything ready for it.  Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Remembered the dough in time this week, but forgot about the sauce, so I had to do a quick version.  Still turned out alright though.  You master the quick after 13 years.

Overall a good day, so here's the highlights:
  • not having to go anywhere early in the morning
  • leftover donuts as part of breakfast
  • boys did most of school on their own
  • Quest Sold Out for our 6th grader
  • one hair cut down, one more requested
  • sunshine and blue skies for a pleasant change in scenery
 comfortably doing school, in shorts,
while listening to music.  He keeps his grades
up, so why not?

pretty puppy eyes!

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