Friday, January 9, 2015

Long days can lead

into some forgetfulness.  Had enough on my mind, I actually typed out a to do list, with some items having dates by them, so I didn't forget or get ahead of myself.  One thing forgotten was writing out my thanks.  So, a natural consequence, write it Saturday morning, in the quiet, and back date it to Friday.  I have grown accustom to writing ahead or day late, just won't rat myself out for which posts!  Writers prerogative?  Whatever, right?

Thankfulness for the day:

  • getting kid the right meds for his cold
  • independent kid getting school finished
  • getting a lot of stuff done around the house despite 3 trips out
  • time for feet up and Netflix, twice even
  • getting more stuff into "It's Deductible"
  • husband who likes to cook
  • being tired at the end of the day
I'll leave you with what is a beautiful photo for me:
The vacuum and broom are being kept, but
the other items in the foreground are getting donated.
This is the "cleanest" this area has been in
a very long time.  It might even be empty soon.

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