Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another Day, Another Birthday

Yes, our boys birth dates are only a week apart!  It makes for some crazy times over the years.  When they were younger, their friends were mostly sets of brothers, their age.  Made it so convenient to have a friends party ~ 3 hours or so, 10 to 12 kids in the house, along with a few extra adults, and we were done till the next year.

Having seen this years round of birthdays, it was a bit more work, a bit more baking, more cleaning, but less parental involvement.  The boys each did their own thing with their friends.  We just provided food.  The kids ages, for both parties, were between 12 and 18; that made cooking easy - pizza, chips, lemonade, cake, and ice cream.  All things we can do well!  DONE!!!

Anyway, today is about Ian.  He's officially 12!  He seemed quite happy to have gotten exactly what he wanted: cash, Lego's, Duct Tape, Crunch Bars, and an Itunes gift card.  So easy!  Especially when friends took care of some of it without know what he REALLY wanted.  Love when things work out that way.  It's just cool.

The good for the day:
  • almost finishing our bathroom
  • seeing color combinations I liked (see photo below)
  • train whistle (it truly never gets old for me), for some reason it helped me focus today
  • seeing delight in my child's eyes
  • lunch out with the family
  • easy dinner ~ catered to the 12yo ~ hot dogs and chips

 Barn Yard Red Ipad easel, Yellow ware bowl,
and green scale in the back ground.

 Someone had asked if I would make 12 number 12's
and hide them around the house for him to find.
A tradition that got started a few years ago, that he
really enjoys.

 Cupcakes for the final round of sweets!  Just a quick
glaze of icing.  The ratio of cake and icing
was much better with these.  And
not much left as most went to Scouts tonight.

 Recycled a bag, for his gifts tonight.
Can you see the pile of 12's.  He found them all,
but needed a hint for two of them.

Can I have a candle please?

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