Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Post of 2015

It is January 1st of 2015.  Won't honestly be long till I hit a milestone, age wise, that ends in a 5 and begins with a 4.  Being the the youngest of 5 kids, the mile stones never seemed that big.  I looked to my siblings, their spouses, and their friends and saw beautiful people getting older and the the big numbers never seemed so big.  I have my own friends, too, that have experienced a bit more life than myself as well, and they have weathered the storms of life with grace as well.

So it's the morning after New Year's Eve; the boys made it, I didn't.  They are sleeping, I'm typing out my first post of the year.  Curled under blankets, watching the shades of sunrise change the landscape.  Listening to something "quiet" on Pandora.  Seeing my neighbor (who reminds me a lot of my dad) scrape the windshields of their cars and rearrange the driveway because someone needs to leave.  Coffee is ready to be poured, just can't quit muster the desire to move the computer and uncover from the blankets.  (lol!  I made it, I am back, only slightly chilled, with coffee & white chocolate syrup).

The limbs have an orange hue;
the sky a brilliant light blue;
the sky still!

Beautiful beginnings to a beautiful year

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