Sunday, January 18, 2015

Early Edition

Anyone remember that show?  Guy gets the newspaper early and goes around saving people.  I decided to blog write early today in the hopes of being off of electronics by dinner time today.  Didn't sleep well last night and it's been a gray day.  Both of those factors equals one heck of a tired mom.  I have successfully resisted the urge to sleep.  Instead, have printed a bunch of biology stuff for the next several weeks for Mr. 9th grader, gave some lessons to the 6th grader on how to take an open book test, gotten dinner started, made more coffee, opened some "old" mail and separated it appropriately, took a break for chocolate milk, cleaned the kitchen a bit, and may read some after posting here.  All this since we got home about 1:30 PM or so this afternoon.  Ready to crash and burn, but boys have a few key things to finish up today before sleep is an option.  One is working on Biology and History, while the other cleans his room.  I snicker, because in high school I dreaded the Sunday afternoon homework routine.  It was the pits.  Think Mr. 9th grader would agree with me.  He's already taken a power name this afternoon.

The good today:

  • at a glance with Kevin, kind of agreed on something, to be discussed more, but still can communicate with a nod
  • being taken out to lunch after church
  • walking the dog, even if it was cold.  We both got to stretch our legs
  • encouraging a church friend about a few things for himself and his wife
  • son wanting to fill out a leadership form, for Youth Group
  • other friends checking in on me
  • getting dinner started early ~ mild Italian sausage in a marinara sauce, with bread

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