Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thankfulness and Gratitude in the Craziness of Life?

You bet!  I've seen glimmers of it today; many, many glimmers and it has been delightful.  Probably the biggest and best has been an overwhelming sense of peace.  Can't tell you why or what caused it, there just has been a peace that surpasses all understanding.  Can not attribute it to sleeping well, or eating well, or an awesome devotion, or a great, deep chat with a close friend.  It's just a calm feeling.

There have been words of encouragement from friends, things on the calendar being cancelled, getting a fire going (first one of the season), selling old toys of the boys, and other good things today as well.  To list out the things I am grateful for today would be:

  • first fire of the year
  • dog acting silly over kong
  • seeing smiles on our teenagers face
  • getting lots of little things done (but not a whole lot visible)
  • being able to wing a good dinner
  • hearing our dog snore, while sleeping in front of the fire
  • another few hours of down time without our kids
  • time to see friends this afternoon, even briefly
  • time this evening to see more friends
Life is good! Life is worth being thankful for, even when I see things that feel bad.  Life is good, even when we see the hard and failed attempts at things.  All this is true, I believe, because God is good ~  All the time!

I leave you today, with a photo of our first fire!

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