Saturday, November 15, 2014

What are Saturday's like for you?

They are all over the place for us!  Today was a lovely Saturday!  Beautiful, chilly weather.  Some chores done, including service projects with the youth from church.  Errands to a number of places and finally home to eat dinner and veg.

Thankfulness would include:

  • fixing the boys sink
  • making bread
  • having a quart of this chocolate syrup around
  • son grasping shopping around and 40% off coupon  ($12.00 vs. $3.18)
  • enjoying looking for more home made recipes (coffee creamers in particular, if you have one you like, let me know.  Would rather not use sweetened condensed milk though!)
No pictures today!  Some day, I might just carry the camera with me everywhere I go; seen to many good shots and not a good camera to be had!  Boo!

Happy Saturday evening!

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