Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sundays = Fundays

Hey Readers,

How do you make Sundays a fun day?  What do you to bring a little joy into your day?

For us today, it was Sunday School, church, a lot of hanging out together.  We got a few chores done around the house as a family ~ 9 bags of leaves dealt with and the back yard blown into the tree line!  We had a good dinner together, taco mac, and now watching a Marvel movie together.    Letting a few machines work for us ~ load of dishes and load of wash!  Trying hard to make Sunday last forever with the week getting crazy.  Our next night free will be next Sunday.  Breathe and hold tight for a crazy, wild ride.

As for joy today:
  • compliments again today (on my haircut this time)
  • silly things like being able to tuck a shirt in and it looks okay
  • being okay with a minimal amount of indoor chores getting done
  • tasty taco mac dinner
  • hoping for an early bed time


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