Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cooler days, warmer drinks, and beautiful shadows

The title sums up the day fairly well.  Been another quiet day in our household this afternoon with the boys gone from noon to 5.  Been enjoying that a great deal.  Love having them around, but love having them gone too!  Especially when school is finished, corrected and completely put away before they leave.

Drank some of my coffee hot today, for a change (been an iced coffee drinker for awhile now, but hot is good on really cold days).  Pulled out one of my favorite mugs and it seemed to fit my mood; on the inside it says "Promise you'll never forget me" or something like that.  Just a cute Piglet mug I've had for almost 15 years.  Hard to believe I picked it up, at Disney, when our oldest was just a few weeks old.  Hard to believe our first trip to Disney was planned so long ago (and a child happened between planning and going:) )!

Anyway,  posting earlier than usual today, as I'm not sure what the evening holds for me.  Lots of different options open.  Go out with some friends, go to a Scout meeting, hang out at home and do chores or veg, or stay home and sleep.  All are very appealing and not sure which will win out.

Thankfulness for today:
  • finding some of the harder to find Christmas gifts (not saying what as all my guys read the blog)!
  • homemade caramel macchiato
  • joy of a favorite mug
  • quietness
  • beautiful shadows on the walls
 Yes, the photo is slightly staged!  Got my terra cotta pots,
layered cake pedestal with yellow ware bowls.
Gives a glimpse of me!

 Front of one my favorite mugs!

Shadows in dining room.

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