Monday, November 24, 2014

Not an Average Monday!

Seriously not your average Monday!  Even though busy, even though scattered cloudiness, even though there was A LOT of cleaning and laundry ~ there has been a great amount of things to be thankful for; lots of great photo ops too!  Without much more idle chitter chatter, here's my list today:
  • boys getting to sleep in (we're on Thanksgiving Break)
  • lots of cleaning getting done
  • Kevin swinging by Costco, just for cheese and wine
  • good dinner (Tacos)
  • beautiful sunrise
  • catching a lady bug
  • being able to open up the house for awhile today
 boys enjoying a morning off!

 Ms. Kitty in her favorite spot.

 Ms. C in her favorite spot!  Gave her a pillow as
the Apothecary didn't look to comfy as a head rest.

Lady Bug that flew in this morning.

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